Sunday, 3 October 2010

It's that time again...

Yes, LOAD 10/10 has started.

This will be my third Layout A Day challenge this year and so far so good.

31 layouts for the 31 days in October. Possible I think. Gets me back into the swing of regular scrapping.

And my main goal of the month is to start using up the Scrapagogo kits I have sitting around here. I have plenty to chose from. Basically, every kit I have had since I started subscribing 10 months ago.

Here are my layouts so far:

1st October

**My 12 on 12 happened this month on the 26th, can you believe? I totally forgot on the 12th and only remembered later on that week. Then I forgot to continue with any day that I picked out to do until I finally decided that Sunday 26th would be a good choice - two weeks late but at least I did it. 

2nd October

** August Scrapagogo kit. 3rd layout from the kit I think. Loads left! A rare photo of the Chances together with the Hausmanns, Summer 2010.

3rd October

** March Scrapagogo kit - attacked already but needs finishing off. I love this kit and think it's really sad that I am really almost at the end of it! One of my favourite photos of the Chance visit to Germany Summer 2010. Aren't they just ADORABLE!?!

And yes, I am "into" clustering at the moment! Watch this space for more.

Last but not least, I have not forgotten or abandoned my Create Free. I am hoping to get back to it this week.


  1. As ever, I am in awe of you doing LOAD. And I'm looking forward to seeing what you do.

    Like your 12 on the 26th! And did Lib co-ordinate the children to your papers?

  2. Very nice layouts; lots of wonderful paper choices caught my eye.

  3. 3 great LO's, I love how you've used the number cards for their ages. I am always so impressed when you do LOAD,every LO you do for them all look so different from each other.

  4. Anonymous10:13 pm

    lovely los i am very impressed with your LOAD. Wish I could organise myself to do it!


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