Thursday, 7 October 2010

Still going strong...

... on LOAD that is.

Failing rather miserably on Create Free, although I have not given up hope on that one! Deb, I promise to keep on going! Maybe I can find a bit of time later this evening or tomorrow afternoon!

My problem is that the Flickr group for LOAD is so chock full of inspiration that I neeeed to check out every single one of the layouts over there in the gallery and you can imagine how much time that takes up... Yep, hours. But there are just so many gorgeous, meaningful, beautiful layouts there that I don't want to miss a single one. I really do look at each one and try to comment on as many as my time allows.

But onto my creations:

October 4th

** The prompt was related to an interview with Katrina Kennedy where she was talking about maximising the impact of photographs with clever cropping. I had done some layouts before along these lines (eg here or here) and so I knew this would be fun. It was great just to grab some of my favourites from my category drawers and go for it. And another kit broken into (May Scrapagogo)!

October 5th

** The prompt for this was to try using a B&W photo. No problem for me as I use them from time to time but when I looked through my photos on the computer, this one caught my eye and I thought it was perfect. The photo was taken by baby sister, Amber, and it was gorgeous in colour but I loved the effect in B&W. I borrowed the design extensively from a Nic H design that I did back in the summer (here), clustered up and am really pleased with the result. And yet another kit broken into (February Scrapagogo) although I had used a couple of items from the kit before (here). I'm feeling so motivated!

October 6th

**  And today's prompt was to make some sort of a film/negative style strip of photos. I wasn't going to do this at first but then a small pile of photos caught my eye that I had printed out last week for a TSM commission but hadn't used and I decided to go for it. Eskimo Kisses from last Christmas which was almost untouched and a background design inspired by Nic H again made this quick, colourful and finished! 

Such a great exercise to do LOAD. I'm reenergised, using up loads of stash, enjoying the creative endeavour each day and really pleased with the results. The prompts are great as a jumping off board even if I don't follow them every day. But it's great to make the time each day to do this. For me!


  1. You are going strong on LOAD, and how could you fail at anything called at Create Freely, you are just emphasis the freely part so far, right? I have no doubt that what is coming will be worth waiting for.

  2. What great inspiration you are sharing with us. I love how you've cropped just strips of photo's,I would never have thought of doing that in a million years,fab !!!! I'm amazed at how you get multiple photo's on a LO,whenever I try it just never looks right. Great laying again.
    Talking of photo's you take the most amazing,creative photo's. You really have got a good eye for it. My photo's look so boring compared to yours. Could you give me any tips on capturing a good photo of my baby niece,all mine look run of the mill amateur shots.


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