Monday, 18 April 2011

Calendar Inspiration

In my last blog post, I talked about a fun new widget I'd installed on my blog listing special days and famous birthdays. I also talked about a class I did in the past over at BPC based on the great book, The Scrapbooker's Almanac, which takes inspiration from the calendar - special days, birthdays, anniversaries. That got me thinking...

Well, never one to underachieve, I've been at it again!

Thursday last week (14th April) listed "International Moment of Laughter Day" and "Look Up At The Sky Day".

Both of these just screamed, "Lisa pages! Scrap me!"

So I did.

My Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit (still without name, shame), has proved so successful this month and is almost all used up. But not before it helped me with these two layouts.

They were both completed almost exclusively with the kit - I added in a few more brads I think (ever mindful of my objectives from the beginning of the month).

"Look Up At The Sky Day" was perfect for a handful of sky photos which is one of my favourite subjects. I am fascinated by the clouds, the incredible colours, the play of the sun behind the clouds or even buildings. I have dozens and dozens of photos of sky. This couldn't have been more perfect. I even just lifted the day's name directly for my title.

Layouts like this make me happy.

I made a couple of ribbon flowers but would like to ask anyone who has made these how I can avoid getting glue EVERYWHERE! I ended up placing these pearls on the flowers just to cover up the globs of glue that I couldn't get off. Up close, it's not a pretty sight. 

Has anyone got any advice for me?

And then came "International Moment of Laughter Day". Created just to capture gorgeous, sweet, kiddie photos. When I looked through my current crop (all around two years old now!), I had a whole pile of niece and nephew giggles to choose from. But these of the Diva of the family made the final cut as I couldn't imagine how else I would use these super cute shots of the little monster, other than a more abstract topic like this.

Not so sure about the cluster here but I wanted something a bit whimsical not to mention some brads. Simple journalling using the day's name as the basis and finished. 

This layout makes me happy.

Have you noticed a theme here?

Scrapbooking makes me happy

Isn't that great? 


  1. Yes! I have advice!! Have you seen Cosmo Cricket's Glubers? They are large circles of adhesive that are perfect for flower making. You need those!!

    I also adore your layouts, especially the cloud pics. I have quite of few of my own that I haven't had a chance to scrap yet. Love looking up and snapping pics :)

  2. Anonymous9:11 pm

    gorgeous lo, i love how you do these with crappy photos they're brill

  3. Very cool how these days inspired you! Scrapbooking makes me very happy too! I love your flowers with the beads on them, I just thought you made them fancy! xoxo

  4. You dear friend make me happy! I love your pages~ every one of them is full of life & meaning. I am in awe. I put everything away when life gets busy and I make pages in my head and hope I can remember them when LOAD comes again!
    I miss you & am so grateful for your kind words, you are like sunshine to this little lamb girl in the mountains!

  5. I donèt know, I think the pearls look gorgeous on the flowers! Lisa, your layouts never cease to amaze me. I love both of these and both are so very different from each other.
    Thanks for your comment today!!

  6. I love the Laugh LO!! Oh my gosh. YUM!

  7. It makes me happy too :)

    Look at the skt Day? I need to do something with that..

  8. I'm in love with your sky page! I dare say it is my most favorite page I've ever seen! It is art. Absolutely gorgeous and so fun!

  9. I love that you scrapped these based on a "holiday", very inspirational! I especially like the first one and I love your ribbon roses.

  10. Your "look at the sky" layout is absolutely stunning. When I make those flowers, I sew them - no glue problems. Your beads are so pretty though, I may have to copy that idea.

  11. If the large blinks lead to the added pearls I say blob away the pearls are the perfect touch. Wonderful layouts and what a creative way to find inspiration

  12. ooooo, love that cluster on the first layout, oooo!

  13. Oh my gosh. Love them both. Those aqua flowers are exquisite! Beautiful job.

  14. How pretty these layouts are!! When I make ribbon flowers, I punch a circle, then put a dab of hot glue in the center, and start twisting and glueing a tiny bit at a time. Works pretty good for me-I have always heard there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for embellishment.


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