Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Greetings

I'm enjoying a bit of Easter sightseeing which I will share with you soon.

But it's wonderful to have a long weekend with gorgeous sunny weather and nothing to do but spend time together and take some wonderful (hopefully!) photographs.

How's the Easter weather where you are? All I can say is that I broke out the factor 30 today to protect my overly white and pasty coloured English skin :-)

Anyway, really just a quickie to say hi wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

I was going to post a layout I made using my Counterfeit Kit but I've just realised it's a horrible photo (with a horrible blue tinge to it for some reason) so I won't do that after all.

How about a little photo album scrapbook (PAS - a la Stacy Julian) instead?

I had a handful of AC scraps left in my kit, so I added in some more scraps and created this little album in next to no time. I used letters (BG)  and stickers (old Love Elsie!) from the kit although now I have to go back over and do the writing again as all the ink smudged on the stickers. I might have to just cover up the writing with some paper and do it again. Don't you hate it when that happens - pen or sticker problem?

Super cute, super simple, super fast. Loads of photos used up at once.

One happy (Easter) bunny here wishing you many eggs and lots of chocolate tomorrow.


  1. I do hate the ink smudges also! I usually never have time to fix it so I leave it as is! Wishing you a Happy Easter as well Lisa!!

  2. super cute album, Lisa! I got your lovely email and will respond. I hope you are having a fantastic time with the hubby sightseeing. I will expect some pictures and fab layouts.
    My family isn't big on celebrating Easter the traditional way, so no chocolate for me, but we will spend some time as a family, even with all the rain coming down.

  3. Happy Easter, Lisa to you and your hubby. We are midway through what is going to be a very wet and stormy weekend. But I'm pretty sure this means I get to scrap the afternoon away - once I get done with a little blog hopping. Sure hope the Easter Bunny is wearing his rain slicker.

  4. Cute album...I love photo album scrapbooks! Sorry about the smudges! :(

  5. Happy Easter to you and R. Have a great weekend, I too have had to use factor 30 the past week, isn't it great. Love the sweet album.xxxxx

  6. This is a cute mini...aren't they wonderful? Quick and addicting!!

  7. What an adorable mini! Sorry about the smudges.

  8. Yippy loads of pics used at once! That calls for standing O -- job well done

  9. How cute! I am that way with stickers too. My gosh I have a ton. I love to mix and match them.

  10. I love your fun photo album scrapbook! What a great way to scrap a ton of photos fast!

  11. Cute mini scrapbook-I may have to try that! Hope you had a lovely Easter!


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