Monday, 4 April 2011

A Cheery Post

Well, I got some lovely ideas about what cheers you all up! 
Thanks for joining in the fun.
Here's your list of happy-makers:
  1. shopping
  2. purchasing scrapbooking supplies
  3. a nice dinner out
  4. getting messy creating something from a piece of pretty paper
  5. fossil hunting
  6. a finished LO that looks pretty and featured one of my lovely children
  7. sunshine after a gray yucky day
  8. a clean scrap area
  9. a smile from one of my boys first thing in the morning when they are sleepy and happy
  10. my family 
  11. my friends 
  12. the promise of brighter days ahead
  13. chocolate 
  14. wine
  15. great pictures 
  16. good food (especially chocolate!)
  17. hearing from my daughter or son just for the heck of it
  18. having an evening to myself to get one of those it-seems-neverending-projects done
  19. recently my youngest daughter discovered a Jack in the Box. We were out shopping yesterday when I showed it to her. When it (a sock monkey) popped up, she said "That scared me. Again!" This continued numerous times and we ended up buying it. She was so cute
  20. a bit of sunshine
  21. spending time with my girls
  22. a shiny new magazine
  23. lazy sunny days spent with friends & family, 
    days where nobody has a care in the world and is totally relaxed and having fun
  24. popping in to others' blog homes: it's like having a cup of tea on their veranda
  25. a visit to a very well-stocked bookshop, with some money in my pocket to spend, preferably 
  26. a cup of chai tea: my most recent taste sensation
So, it's pretty clear that we get a lot of joy from family and friends, sunny days and being outside, scrapbooking or other crafty/creative activities, and not to forget food and drink!

And I agree with all of you! 
Here's just a few of mine - in no particular order!
  • A good book, a glass of wine (or even better, a cocktail from my own "personal" cocktail bar) and some Cadbury's


  • A cuddle from adorable little ones 

  • A cuddle from an adorable big one

  • Good food - asparagus season is just about to start and I have some of the early crop ready for dinner tonight... I can't wait!

  • Sitting on the balcony, just taking in the life around me

  • Experimenting with my camera and taking photos that I love

  • Some new scrapbooking products

  • Scrapping my stories, showcasing my photos and feeling a sense of satisfaction when I see completed pages

  • Sweet memories of favourite places

So I promised a giveaway and using (and I promise that I put 1-12 not the 100 that it shows here!)  the lucky winner is commenter number 4:

True Random Number Generator  4Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Congratulations Erin!!  

Erin, email me your snail mail address using the link at the top of the right-hand sidebar and I will get a little parcel of goodies out to you.

Thanks to all of you for joining in and sharing your ideas.

I feel a lot more cheerful now and each comment made me nod and smile! (It also helps that my cold is on the way out and my voice is almost back!).


  1. That's a really nice list! And I'm glad you are feeling better

  2. Lisa! Just wanted to let you know I found your blog... I went back to Colour! or is it Color gallery from BPC and found a few postings from you post class and only then did I realize why you looked so familiar! I hadn't made the connection before then. I am pammy1329 on that class in case you hadn't made the connection either. I remember you leaving me quite a few nice comments. glad we are cyber friends :)

  3. What a fun post! This put a smile on my face too!


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