Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New photo, not so new layout

Back from my Easter sightseeing and it was amazing - I will share some piccies soon. We walked, we sat, we ate, we drank and we soaked ourselves in the history and beauty of the place. It was a stunning few days...

But back to reality with work and scrapping.

As mentioned in my previous post, I completed another layout using my Counterfeit Kit some days ago but hadn't noticed that my photo of it was pretty pants! (What is it with the light these days? I thought everything would get easier for photographing my layouts once the days got longer and sunnier, although I think this might say more about my photography skills right now.)

Anyway, I got out there earlier this morning and took another photo so that I can share it with you - it's still not perfect, but it's better.

I've got so many fun fair photos that it's difficult to know what to do with them all. But one or two more of these types of layouts can probably still be made. Crange Kirmes (Kirmes = fun fair in Germany) is a classic tradition in the region where we live. It's quite famous and I know that I have written about it before, especially as Ted and I have gone every summer for the last few years.

I manage a few rides but have noticed in recent years that they hit me harder and harder! I think I'm getting too old for this malarky but Ted is grateful that I do manage some of the stomach tumbling ones!

I wanted to make this a bit lighthearted and whimsical, so I included some glittery clusters and somewhat mismatched products. I think it worked.

Oh, and I did some serious stealing the middle of my papers to make the pretty ones go further!

I want to get the last of the kit used up and posted by the end of the month because May's LOAD is looming now... which is pretty exciting.

This kit has been so much fun to use up and I have created 6 really different layouts - goal reached! Now I just have to run off a couple of simple cards using the leftovers and I will have done everything I wanted to do this month.

I'll be getting ready for LOAD this week. Tidying, sorting, organising, thinking.. can't wait!


  1. Gorgeous LO, love the layered embellishments and great photo's.xxxxx

  2. How fun and a little funky too. Love it!

  3. Ooh, I can't wait to see what you come up with for LOAD. It's a bit intense for me, but I love looking at all the layouts.

  4. I love the clustered embellies!!

  5. I am totally using the idea with your embellishments, they are beautiful!

  6. Your page really captures the fun of the fair! I know what you mean about not handling rides as well as you used to! Those tall swings always make me panic!

  7. Love it! Love the embellies...

    I have paged thru your blog...lovely work!

  8. Great layout - I love the sparkly embellies!


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