Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Deck the Halls

Over at Jingle Belles this week, we are shuffling the deck to make our Christmas Cards.

Sue Colotti (Random On Purpose) set us the challenge of using cards on our cards! Now, we're not talking poker here, Sue thought that might not really sum up the spirit of Christmas, but rather Artist Trading Cards for or on our cards. In fact, to make things easier for someone like me, she gave us four options;

make a freestanding (2.5 x 3.5") xmas-themed Artist Trading Card
add an ATC-sized element to your holiday card
incorporate a playing card into your design
use a recycled xmas card (or an element from
one!) on your (newly made) holiday card!

I love them even more when they make it easy for me!

First of all, I considered trying to do something with all those Heidi Swapp over-sized playing cards I have stocked up but in the end went with the trusty scrap box instead.

I made up an ATC of cardstock and then mounted a cut-out from a gorgeous Paperchase Christmas card I had in my stash - it's square and the cost of posting square cards here in Germany means it's a total no-go so I have to find other uses for them! I wrapped some white twine around and popped a tiny felt snowflake underneath. I then punched out some teeny tiny glitter stars to scatter across it.

I mounted this onto the background paper and also cut the sentiment from the Paperchase card to add. 

So, two out of four on the list of requirements: an ATC sized element, and a recycled Christmas card.

I like the simplicity of what I came up with here. And another card in the box. 

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  1. Lisa, you knocked this challenge out of the park! The skinny sentiment strip caught my eye as well as the ATC main image…the design is so both pleasing and striking, graphically. This is really gorgeous!

  2. **thud**
    absolutely WOW!

  3. do you know, i was actually thinking yesterday, "bummer--no lisa h this week" b/c i know you have a scheduling conflict looming... but then this morning i woke up and there was ♥THIS GORGEOUS CARD♥!!! hooray! and WHAT a stunner it is, as well! such a totally BRILLIANT way to incorporate that paperchase card (god, i LOVE them!) as both "ATC" and sentiment (!!!) and maybe the best use *EVER* of twine in a papercrafting context! finally, can i just say, that if you need me today i will be sitting happily in a corner, punching out tiny sparkly stars... just so i can ♥♥♥DO THAT♥♥♥ with them!

    ps: can ANYONE tell me exactly *WHY* square cards cost more to post?? it's not their SIZE; b/c you can send one that's taller, or wider, or BOTH... for less money, as long as it's RECTANGULAR! i guess i am relieved that it's a worldwide phenomenon and not just here in the us... but i still DON'T GET IT! (sorry to rant in your comments, missus! done now!) :)

  4. Heidi4:14 pm

    omg. I started tearing up here when I saw this. Honestly. I am almost crying. It's THAT PRETTY. I'm speechless. (& I'd feel the love given that rare occurrence!!)

    PS BOOOOOOO to posts worldwide for making it so difficult & expensive to send lovely stuff through the mail (esp handmade). Boo indeed.

  5. What a pretty creation, and what a great way to re-gear an existing card! I love the serene color scheme and the tiny sparkly stars and the skinny sentiment (brilliant!) especially...

  6. Wowza ... what a gorgeous job of recycling ... love those tiny sparkle stars ... and such a great layout too ... so glad you joined our jingle belles fun.

  7. To say it's stunning just doesn't seem enough

  8. wow, those little stars and snowflakes are so pretty. Love this.


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