Saturday, 10 September 2011


Scrapbooking has had several unexpected side-effects, all of which are wonderful - time for me, therapy, artistic outlet etc - but the best part of all is the friends I have made, friendships I've strengthened or relationships I've rediscovered. We may be different characters, or live in different parts of the world, or have different lifestyles but our love for this hobby has brought us together.

You all know who you are ;-)

Sisters, friends from the Bromsgrove crop, my BPC buddies, fellow LOADsters, Forgers from the Counterfeit site, card-making Belles, my very own "Whimsical Muse", blogosphere friends or friends from my life before scrapbooking. This is such a wonderful side effect of it all and I'd just like to say how lovely it is to have you all in my life - whether that be my real life or my virtual one. :-)

I value these friendships that I have made, kept or rediscovered over the last years.

And when you have creative friends, that means that they are creative in everything they do. And that equals creative gifts.

So, as part of this friendship appreciation, I'd just like to say another huge thank you to two special people who surprised and delighted me with their kind, thoughtful, unexpected gifts earlier this year.

Both of them are in pride on place in my scrap room, where I seem to spend so many hours these days, right alongside some very special items and of course this gorgeous frame from a very special friend (and sister!) .

First, I was delighted and surprised as well as a bit overwhelmed to receive a second simply gorgeous piece of canvas art in the post from my very special blog friend Junelle all the way from Utah. Her signature sheep with the heart nose had won my heart from the first time I saw one and now I had one of my own. I was moved at her thoughtfulness.

And then my (through scrapping) rediscovered school friend Sarah gave me the most sweet thoughtful present of a mound of Cadbury's chocolate ;-) when I last saw her as well as a sweet and pretty "She Art" canvas which I simply adore. The quote is perfect and one for me to remember. When I read it, I try to remember to smile more for the rest of the day. The pink and the blue with the map background is so me!

Anyway, I just felt the need to share the luck and good fortune I have with my friends.

And just to spread the love a little, I'm using this post to announce a giveaway. It's 5 years this month since I started the blog - well the first real post anyway - and I think this is something to celebrate. 

So help me celebrate and leave me a comment here on this post. I'll leave the draw open until the end of the month and then draw a name at random for a little prize!


  1. The gifties you've received are truly amazing! Creative friends and connections are thee best, aren't they?

    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary...that's simply spectacular!

    Keep up your fab work!

  2. Such lovely gifts, blogging is such a wonderful thing to do and has enhanced my life for the better.
    Happy 5th Blog Anniversary,here's to many more. Congrats on your new GDT and DT spot too.xxxx

  3. Anonymous9:56 pm

    What lovely gifts! 5 years! I'm such a newbie, I can't imagine it ... glad I found you and your lovely blog - congrats!

  4. Happy 5 year anniversary! Your story of networks of friends/blog friends makes this newbie blogger happy to know that so many great people are out there.

  5. Those are lovely treasures. Congrats on 5 years - and I look forward to your next 5 too. Consider yourself hugged, blog friend!

  6. Happy Five years Lisa! And here's to many many more.

    There is nothing like a gift from a blog friend to lift a day

  7. Gosh, those art pieces sure are nice. 5 years, I can't believe it. I can't imagine committing to that much writing on the interwebs. I need to start though as the business that I am starting will benefit from a website/blog. Will just have to practice I guess. I am sure in 5 years time, I too, will be a pro.

    Congrats, you are one of the sweetest people I have 'met' online!

  8. you are delightful. your blog posts make me smile. I am glad we became friends through LOAD and that we have continued to inspire and push one another. may you continue blogging for another 5 years.

  9. Beautiful gifts Lisa!! All so very inspirational :) You deserve them :)

    congrats on your celebration of 5 years!

  10. Chocolate, pretty things and fabulous are one lucky lady! Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

  11. Heidi5:04 am

    Lisa - so love Junelle's piece she made for you. Sigh. So amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    xo Heidi P.S. Love the first CKC kit LO you made. Off to have another look! Lovely.

  12. What gorgeous gifts you have recieved!Congrats on 5 years! Wow!

  13. Thanks for the thanks. It's good having you back in my life, too. And everything you bring, the inspiration and the sweet words.

    I love the picture that Lib did - you've shown that before, haven't you? - so thoughtful. And Junelle's canvas is just so gorgeous thank you for pointing the way over to her blog.

    See you soon xx

  14. Congratulations on your anniversary :) you're extremely talented, and thanks for the inspirations

  15. I could have sworn I'd left a comment ... did you delete it???? :P

    Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary - ain't the internet grand!

  16. I too love all of my fun blog world friends ... they made my corner much bigger and better ... thanks for all of the inspiration & smiles.

  17. You do beautiful work! Thanks for sharing with us for the last 5 years. Congrats!

  18. Congrats on five years! That's quite a lot of time. Love, love your crafty goodness

  19. Congratulations on five years - I've just done five months so I'm such a newby. That artwork from your friends is lovely.

  20. Not sure we are friends yet but I am enjoying getting to know you on your blog and through LOAD! 5 years! That's impressive!


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