Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Share

I've been really productive recently but haven't been blogging all that much and so I haven't shared much.

One thing LOAD is exceptionally good for is using up stash - just think of all those papers cut up, the cardstock backing, so many words made from alphabets and embellishment sprinkles that 31 days of daily scrapping takes up.

So that's what I've been doing. Using up stash. And there's a lot to use up. I had four Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits lying around for example and these were definitely a target.

So for today, I'm going to share 4 layouts that I created using my August kit, "Balmy August". That makes 7 layouts in total with quite a lot still left in my box - maybe two or even three more layouts plus some cards. Hopefully, I can get it finished off before the end of the month.

The LOAD prompt today was compare and contrast. I thought these photos of my two brothers on day trips to Amsterdam with me were good examples. I remain the same, but older while each of them are very different. I only added in a few items in addition to the kit - the film strip and the tape.

Today's prompt was to dig deep and tell the story behind what the photo might tell on the surface. I have many of these retro photos with no specific details and I just wrote down some things that sprung to mind when I looked at them. I love these old photos. Fun times. Everything except the alphas are from the kit

We were challenged to doodle. Ok, I totally wimped out on this one. Doodling just isn't my thing so I just drew a line round the outside of the cardstock. 

Today we were asked to journal with purpose. Rather than just talking about our trips to Paris, I wrote a little more about what that means to me. I was so pleased to find a way to use this stunning MME paper and was thrilled at how this turned out.

I added the small canvas label and the small Paris tag to the kit for this layout.
The combination of Counterfeit kits and LOAD works so well for me to use up a mixture of old and new products. And it's great to see those kits being used up in ways I wouldn't normally thought of.

Have you decided to join us yet?


  1. I would crash and burn spectacularly if I tried LOAD! I think you are amazing.

  2. Beautiful work Lisa. That flower spray on the second layout is just stunning. And your Paris layout is so romantically done. LOAD agrees with you.

  3. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Wow - you're doing such beautiful layouts - especially as they are every day! Each one is lovely!

  4. All of the layouts are wonderful, but that last one is so beautiful! And to take the journal beyond just the pictures is such a good idea.

  5. Can't believe you wimped out on the doodling, but I'll let this one slide, lol! I'm so happy to see the blue journaling strips on your "Celebrate" layout since I was stuck on a project that I planned to work on today. I didn't really want to use white journaling strips, but when I saw the blue on your page, I knew it would be perfect for my project (will be posting soon). Thanks for the idea :)

  6. I soo love these layouts! I love how you've clustered your embellishments, your color combinations and that you've completed so many layouts! I totally love your style!

  7. I am loving your layouts! Fantastic job! I have to laugh at myself looking at your work, because I'm always saying, "I have that paper, I have that embellishment, I could be doing something as lovely as this!" You are an inspiration girl!

  8. Wow wow wow!!! Such beautiful layouts. I love your style, so romantic. And I love the depth to them too!!! xoxo

  9. Beautiful layouts. You have added such nice details to all of them.


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