Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Things I Loved... September

Ok, so I'm a *little* behind on this!

In August, Deb did a wonderful photo round up of the month and posted it on her blog. I jumped onto the idea (of course) and joined in (here).

Then at the end of September, I just didn't get around to it.

And another month goes by. So I'm just going to get back on track and give you the things I loved back in September.

Such gorgeous weather at the beginning of autumn.

A certain little Diva in the family started school and true to German tradition received a Schultüte full of sweets (that she told us off for!) and school supplies.

Somebody special (clue here) had a birthday and received this from me in true scrappy style!

Then I travelled home to Birmingham and caught up with these three darlings...

And met these two cuties for the first time. They are quite adorable but the best thing was seeing how my sister is totally head over heels in love with them!

I met up with some of my school friends (go 3S!), a few of whom I haven't seen for more than 25 years and attended an open day at our school. We exchanged news and laughed about the old times remembering the good and sometimes the downright bad times at King Edward VI Handsworth School.

It was lovely to go back, catch up and look around. But there's no way I'd want to go back in time and be a teenager again!

Our school hall which is as glorious today as it was back in the day.
Never fails to fill you with pride when you walk in there and see this view.

I squeezed in a trip into town and decided to be a tourist in my own hometown with the famous Birmingham Bull at the Bullring. He's quite a handsome chap!

And the main event of the trip back home. Our baby brother turned 18!

And I managed to bully and boss everyone around until they lined up for a group photo. This makes me very happy.

Back home again and the 30th was 13 years since that first day at Aston Uni where destiny brought us together :-) A good day to remember and to celebrate.

And that was September. 

I'll post October soon but there's not a lot to say TBH. It was a quiet month.

Happy 1st November!


  1. A lovely "up" kind of a post, to put a smile on a readers face! I really like the look of that Scrapbooking SOS kit - it would be good fun to make one for myself, even.

    Happy November

  2. What a wonderful September you had, such beautiful photo's. My October was more about partying so not the best photo's but great memories. Enjoy November.xxxx

  3. Loved your "subtle clue" to the birthday girl. And, go 3S - so funny to think that we think of ourselves as that - and no other year.

    Really like your bull picture, I still don't have one - and not through lack of trying. In fact the last time I asked Luu to take my pic there , was on the way to my run.

  4. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Your month looks great - glad you decided to post it!

  5. All those balloons! Have you scrapbooked that photo yet?

    Looks like you had an amazing September! Wonderful pics!

  6. great photos"!


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