Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Making time for Christmas cards

I'm still trying to get back into a regular rhythm for the Jingle Belles challenges and I missed a week last week. Ok, so I'm a bit busy with LOAD some of which I'm hoping to share with you soon, but it really doesn't take so much time to run off a card. I just need to get back to seeing Tuesday evening as my Jingle Belles evening and get with it :-)

Anyway, even though I missed last week, their prompts are good for two weeks this year so I still had time to join in on prompt #3 "A Banner Holiday" which is to take inspiration from the Jingle Belles blog banner. It's been updated for the new year and is totally retro-gorgeous!

I spent some time thinking what I could take from this - colour, font, design, any of the elements - and then when I opened my Christmas drawer the first thing I saw was some Sassafras Life At The Pole papers and the colours just reminded me of the blog banner - a sort of minty green and a creamy background. So I went with that. And I decided to get a banner on the card (although that turned out a bit dodgy if you ask me!). In the end, I ran off two cards while I had all the papers out which means that if my plan of making another one tomorrow doesn't happen, then at least that is two cards for the two weeks which is my minimum goal.

Like I said, I'd like to find the time tomorrow to make another one or two from this prompt but we'll have to see if I can fit it in! The banner really is so lovely that I'm sure I can come up with something better than this!

7 down 53 to go to hit my goal!


  1. Yay! Christmas is on the way! Very pretty cards x

  2. Cute cards, love brown and blue together.xxx

  3. I love the paper you used Lisa, it does have that retro feel to it to go along with the JB banner! I also love the banner of trees across your cards, it looks great!

  4. What lovely cards :) actually yesterday I checked out their blog, and felt very inspired.

    I'm really impressed how you set certain dates/times for crafting, I may take that on board :)

  5. I love your banners made of trees! I think they are really cute! :)

  6. Those holiday banners are just too fun ... and woot woot to you for putting together two cards while you had your supplies handy ... so very glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  7. Anonymous4:15 am

    Retro-gorgeous may well have to be a new phrase I use! Love it and your tree banners :)

  8. This is super CUTE, Lisa! I feel you, I am just not in a good groove for this year yet. Good thing it's only February! I really love the bg cardstock you used, great pattern. :)

  9. well, i'm gonna have to respectfully disagree on one point... i ♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥ the little xmas tree banners, i think they are brilliant and totally festive and fun. so there!!! i LOVE the papers you've chosen, too, they really are absolutely perfect!

    (and yes, i TOTALLY know what you mean about finding the new "rhythm"... for me so far that has been to make two totally different cards, but on the same day, while i'm immersed in thinking about the prompt; tho i do think making them like these two is awesome, as well, from a time management standpoint--always my weakness!!!) :)


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