Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesday Jingling

I really wanted to catch up with the Jingle Belles challenge this week as I mentioned in yesterday's blog post (here) and am thrilled to have managed it this evening.

This week's challenge (a banner holiday) is to use the gorgeous Jingle Belles blog banner as inspiration for our cards.

Today I decided to go with a bright red base along with a touch of mint green and cream and a touch of retro. These wonderful Cosmo papers, which were a sweet pressie from Libby, are perfect for this.

Again, while I had the papers out, I ran off two so I'm even ahead of the game now! 9 cards already! Go me!


  1. These are fabulous

  2. Loving your cards. Wow, do you ever have a full plate girl! You do a great job juggling it all.

  3. woooooo hoooooo...go YOU! excellent cards!!

  4. go, you indeed!!!!!! ♥♥♥

    these ARE the perfect papers, those ARE the perfect colors and you are just soooooooooooo ROCKIN' xmas, bigtime! love, love, loooooove BOTH of your takes on this one... and especially that there are TWO of each! awesome! :)

  5. These cards are gorgeous, I love the retro feel and the Santa image is so

  6. Super cute - and I like your twinkle lights staging too!


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