Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Counterfeit Kit Challenge February member blog hop

Welcome to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop. I'm heading up the hop today so when you're done here, Tina is next up and you know she has something fun to share - she always does :-)

February is LOAD (layout a day) month and while I write this, I have a pile of 24 completed layouts waiting to be put into albums. Those make me very happy and we haven't finished the month yet so that pile is sure to grow.

Now, you might remember that my February kit was considerably smaller than kits I've made in the past - you can see the kit reveal here - and I expected to get probably three layouts from the supplies. So imagine my surprise when I realised that I've actually made 6! Ok, so there is a little extra paper that has found its way in there but nothing really much else.

The February Counterfeit Kit Challenge prompts are listed below but to be honest, I've been mostly following the "Around the World in 29 Days" LOAD inspiration which was based around different aspects of places around the world.  But let's see if maybe any of my 6 kit layouts fit the CKC prompts at all.

This layout is pretty sappy although it's not really related to specific movie!

I added in that little journalling card from the On Trend 2 collection which matched the geometric pattern in the background

You could say that this layout is all about the "And they lived happily ever after" which would fit challenge #2 - Life is Just a Fairytale.

Now this one definitely fits challenge #3 - Say What! as it's all about some language confusion while I was in Manila and the fact that I just said "Oo!" to everything (it means "yes" in Tagalog)!

Here I added a little gold glitter washi tape and the hint of blue paper in the corner and below the picture crept into the kit too

For this layout, I finished off that blue spotty paper and also added in the map paper. some of the embellishments were smuggled from another of my CKC kits!

At a push, I think I could pull together one more page using the scraps and leftovers from the kit. But you know what? I think I'll just say that this kit is well and truly killed!

LOAD + Counterfeit kits = success!

I know Tina will agree with me on that one as she's also participating in LOAD, so off you go to see what she has to inspire us.

Here's the full list in case you get lost along the way.

Thanks for dropping by. Make sure you let me know you were here :-) it's always fun to hear from you.


  1. What a beautiful collection of pages! I think my favorite it the family layout (I just love a grid page) but really they are all lovely. I haven't been able to keep up with the LOAD gallery, so I'm happy to see some of your pages here.

  2. Oh my LOAD - that's AMayy-zing!! I love all your beautiful layouts they are all so pretty. Great stories documented!

  3. Wonderful set of layouts. Love the idea of stapling the hearts to make a border and the stamping on the chipboard.
    Cindy F

  4. Love your layouts! Each one has really good design that accentuates the photo(s).

  5. Those are all wonderful, and each one true to your style. Glad you know that you are enjoying LOAD so much - it shows on those pages.

  6. All of your layouts look good. I'm impressed with how you used that busy floral paper on your Oo! layout.Well done :)

  7. Oh yes! I totally agree :) Wonderful layouts and each are so unique :) I think you covered all 3 challenges very well :) Beautiful style you have Lisa :) Congrats on killing your kit :) Some day.............


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