Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Got scraps?

Silly question really. If you are anything like me, you have LOADS of scraps. Mine seem to multiply more quickly than I can use them up.

But that was the challenge this week over at Jingle Belles: Holiday Leftovers! and for once, we are not talking all those turkey sandwiches for days after Christmas (although those are actually the highlight of Christmas dinner for me!). No, we have to make a card using only leftover scraps.

I made two because I figured that I could actually make 50 and still have a box full. Most weeks, I only dive into this scrap box but it never seems to get less!

Anyway, the first one used a Page Maps sketch and leftover Cosmo. Simple but sweet.

And then both Lauren and Stef had made gorgeous quilt inspired cards and I wanted to play along. But I was too lazy to lift their gorgeous ideas (!!!) so I just went with a simple square quilt look.

I'm actually thinking of making a whole load more of these as it was pretty simple and I love the end result! We'll have to see if or when I get time.

In the meantime, when are YOU going to start your Christmas cards? Time is flying and you know that you'll get caught out if you don't think about it. Why not head over to Jingle Belles and play along?!?


  1. Wow Lisa, those cards are great!! I love the colors in both of them and the 2nd card with the squares looks like it took a while to make, people would never know how simple it was for you!

    Awesome job!

  2. Anonymous11:59 am

    I love the quilted one - must admit I haven't started Christmas cards yet, I tend to do them in job lots - yours look lovely!

  3. yeah, I wouldn't qualify your card as "lazy" ... gorgeous is more like it ... love the wonderful papers you combined & I may have to try that square quilted pattern ... so very pretty ... so glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  4. **wow**

    You are definitely rockin' the scraps!!!

  5. Both of these are darling. But Christmas isn't for months and months yet - at least, on my calendar. You poor dear, what will you do in December with no cards to make?

  6. gorgeous cards, love them both, but especially the quilted one

  7. ohhhhhhh HOLY WOW!!!

    ok, see, if i had thought of your brilliant and thoroughly amazing "offset squares" idea... i would not have gone looking for quilt patterns, i would've just ♥DONE THAT♥ and then basked in the glory of a job well done! *DEFINITELY* not lazy--more like "clever as anything" imo!!!

    oof and i reallllllly really like the circles one, as well, it's totally gorgeous!!! you could definitely make ALL your cards exactly like this and get rave reviews for every single one. (ps: *HOW* do i get on that list, lol??!?!?!??) :)

    pss: i'm SO with you on the subject of "leftover" turkey sandwiches... here in the states we have an entire holiday (thanksgiving) devoted JUST TO THOSE delicious treats!!! (ok, yes, and gratitude, too; we are GRATEFUL to have turkey sandwiches a whole month before xmas!) :)

  8. I see some scraps of paper that I for sure have stashed away in a Christmas bag in the closet :) I love the quilted theme card! It's so colorful! I know in November I will regret not getting started on my cards! If you keep mentioning it I might start... Really I will :)

  9. You should definitely make scrappy cards more often. They're both gorgeous! And I totally understand the feeling that scraps never seem to diminish - how does that happen?

  10. Haha! "when are YOU going to start your Christmas cards?" ...probably December, November if I'm lucky, but who knows, I may start on them next week...barely dug into that big tote of scrap paper and Christmas card creating may be my motivation.


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