Sunday, 16 February 2014

Counterfeit Kit Challenge #3 Ten Minute challenge

Oooo, that Bethany is a tough one! Ha ha! - not really :-)

This time around, she's challenged us to make a card in under ten minutes! We are allowed to collect our materials together but ten minutes is all we are allowed to make it up.

Not to be outdone by her wickedness, I decided to run with this one and make three - yes THREE - cards each under 10 minutes.

I cut up my card and papers from my February Nostalgia kit, and brought together a handful of items to go on the front, although I didn't exactly know how I was going to put them together. I had some hearts to use left over from a 12x12 sheet and decided to see if I could include cutting them out of the patterned paper in that 600 seconds too. And just to top it off, I was doing this at 1am! Yes a night owl some nights.

I had practiced with the type of card I wanted to make with one for my niece's birthday. I decided this was an ideal time to use up the rest of the bold heart paper, the bright red glitter card stock that was in my kit, a sheet of very pink card stock and a sheet of Love, Elsie paper that I could not imagine using on layouts any more. So, using this mismatched product, I had run up a pretty little card for my niece and then decided to time myself for the other three. All four cards were a bit different.

Here is my collection of items I'm going to use (bad photo is proof of the late hour!)

As you can see, I have done a bit of cutting but the hearts and printed elements needed to be properly cut out within the ten mins. I added in the doilies and a little washi tape (top right) but everything else was in the kit. At this point I knew what I wanted to use but not how each card would look.

And here is the first time point on my computer.

And the end of the first card - time and card

Ah, only 7 minutes!

I'd added in the washi and just layered it on top of the cardstock off-cut to help the hearts stand out a little more. In real life, the red glitter paper is very sparkly even though you can only see a tiny bit of it.

The end of the second card

Another 6 minutes!

Based on the same design, just a few adjustments to make each one unique

And the end of the third card!

Ok, just over 9 minutes. This was the card with the eyelets which I had to think a little bit more about!

Eyelets, fussy cutting and layering. It may have taken a few minutes longer but still way under ten minutes!

Mission accomplished! I took a few minutes at the beginning of the process to prepare my materials but then the three cards only took 23 minutes to complete!

My middle of the night photo.

And a better one in daylight. I think they don't look old and out of date! I'm hoping that the girlie recipients will love them too!

 They may not be super complicated but I like the way they've come out and that they've used up some older product which would never have made it onto pages - including TWO eyelets!

Won't you take up Bethany's Ten Minute Challenge and see what you can create when you are against the clock? If you do, we hope you will either link up at Mr Linky (here) or join in on our Member Blog Hop - details of which can be found at the bottom of every challenge post at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.


  1. These are fabulous - love that doodle paper - think I have that (somewhere!)

  2. Fun and funky! The doodles totally remind me of Pam. I am impressed that you were working so far in advance on the 25th of Jan. It may have been late, but you weren't last minute. Good for you!!!

  3. Wow they are all so cool! I'm in Awe with what you all are doig in 10 mins


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