Tuesday, 25 February 2014

More LOAD shares to complete my Counterfeit Kit Challenge January kit, Begin

Ah, at last! It's not that I didn't love the kit but after 9 layouts from the same supplies, I'm ready to say goodbye to my Counterfeit Kit Challenge January kit, Begin.

I'm really surprised to have actually managed 9 layouts but there was a tiny bit of adding things in here and there (letters) towards the end! Oh yes, and a few scraps of paper when I needed to match up some blues on my Auf Schalke layout.

I've been sharing my layouts here on this blog and also on the Whimsical Musings blog when they fit the prompt over there, but if you want to see them all in one place, you can check out the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Flickr gallery (here) where I've included them all - and more in the case of a few tweaks and additions!

But here are the last two for this blog.

LOAD214 #22 Myth: The photos you use have to match the event you are scrapbooking

Many of my layout topics have nothing to do with the time I took the photos. I take lots and lots and then find a reason to scrap them - such as these geese. The photo itself was taken for a Photo A Day prompt of orange but how to scrap it apart from talking about the cute geese on this day? By talking about the fact that they are now a relatively regular view on the way to and from work/shops/local restaurant. Not really something I saw all that often in Birmingham :-)

LOAD214 #23 Myth: Scrapbooking is all about our past memories.

A page about my upcoming adventure to see Pam (oh yes, and a small town called New York!) is definitely not a page about the past.

I added some journalling into the little bag and wrote about how excited I am and how wonderful it will be to finally meet her.

And at the end of making this layout, I took all the remaining bits and pieces and tidied them back into my stash - although there wasn't an awful lot left. I used a whole pack of transparency words, a whole pack of buttons and pins as well as all but one of the veneer speech bubbles, and the paper scraps were really just that, scraps. A well used kit which surprised me with the colour combinations it came up with and how fresh it worked with my (almost) standard white cardstock

So, 9 layouts. Eight of which were for LOAD214 and two also doubled up as Whimsical Musings layouts. A very successful kit indeed.

Keep your eyes open for the new kit reveal on Saturday - I haven't managed to make mine up yet but the inspiration is really gorgeous!


  1. Super cute layouts-good job on the 9 layouts, I agree with you on how much you can get out a kit, I was surprised how many cards I got out 3 pieces of cardstock

  2. Could I just borrow your talent for a little while :) ... You have such an amazing scrapping style and you don't ever seem to lose your way. Love it

  3. Great layouts. Congrats on getting your kit used up.

  4. These are so cute and whimsical looking. Love your style, Ms Lisa!

  5. Lovely layouts!!!! Love your style!!

  6. Gorgeous pages - your rock at this LOAD thing! One thing I really, really love about your pages is the way you journal LOTS! I must remember the lesson of the Geese ... a way to use up some photos and get me writing TFS


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