Friday, 21 February 2014

LOAD214 shares using Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits

Just a few quick shares for you today with a combination of LOAD prompts and my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits.

I had 5 kits sitting on the shelf at the beginning of the month and as I'm writing this, 16 pages have been made using the contents of those boxes. They are mostly down to scraps now and no doubt I'll be breaking them back up into my stash over the next few days.

What's been interesting this time around is that I made a gorgeous kit back in September - Passport - full of lovely travel themed products, papers and embellishments. I loved this kit. But so far? Just a single solitary page made from the goodies I included :-( Every time I go to the box and open it up, there's nothing right in there. I have a good rummage and then back on the shelf it goes. It's a shame but it seems like it'll just be put back into my stash as it is. I'll give it another go later in the week but even though I had high hopes, it just hasn't produced results.

Anyway, first up is my November kit, Comfort lo#3. This layout was made for the LOAD prompt "Myth: every page needs journalling". As you can see, when you have a lovely photo, words are sometimes just superfluous!

And onto my January kit, Begin, for layouts # 4, 5 & 6.

LOAD214 prompt "Myth: All products have to be bought, ready-made". I don't know if you remember but some time ago - might be as long as 18 months ago, when the trend for feathers really kicked in, I made some CHA counterfeited vellum feathers. I don't go to the trouble to make my own embellishments very often, but had always intended on going back to this idea to make up some more. The LOAD prompt was the push I needed to do just that. Once I found a suitable shape, they only took a few minutes to finish off and then a few more mins for the glue to dry. I like them as a whimsical embellishment.

LOAD214 prompt "Myth: You can only use products on your page which you bought at a scrapbook shop". Much to Sylvia's dismay no doubt, I actually pick up a lot of things along the way to use on my pages - from the supermarket, the haberdashery department, the stationary store, even home decoration shops. Here I've used supermarket doilies, crochet twine, sewing thread and some wooden hearts that were a present but certainly didn't come from a craft shop. Oh yes, and dressmaking sequins.

LOAD214 prompt "Myth: You can only scrap the positive stories". Hidden journalling to tell a little snippet of our story. I will probably do the journalling again as it didn't seem to come out how I'd wanted. Another little task on my post LOAD list.

If I had to go looking for supplies each day during LOAD (as I've done in the past actually), I don't think I'd manage daily scrapping. My Counterfeit kits are time/life savers and look at all that stash being used up!

If you've never tried making your own kits, why not head over to Counterfeit Kit Challenge and check us out. It's a lot of fun and rather addictive to see your own (sometimes) neglected stash being actually cut up and used.


  1. Beautiful scrapping Lisa. I noticed the touch of grey on all these pages - I guess that makes sense in winter. Oh maybe grey is just the new black? And you do have a way with twine too.

  2. Fab, fab, fab, fab - great layouts and glad you're killing those kits.
    Love the splatters and scatters :)

  3. Wow beautiful layouts they are all so cool :) Love the each statement was started with Myth sounds like it was a fun time and I agree to come up with things that quick it does help to have the kit ready :)

  4. Great layouts. Love the acrylic words.

  5. Love, love, love your layouts!!! I love your style!


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