Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Ugly Sweater Challenge

Challenge #1 over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog is up and it's all about your ugly sweaters/pullovers/jumpers (whichever word works for you!).

Ugly sweaters? Bethany even set up a Pinterest board (here) to give us extra inspiration incase the memories of our own ugly secrets weren't enough!!

Off to the Pinterest board I went to see what monstrosities there were - oh, and there were quite a few!

I can't say that any sweater in particular is the main inspiration but I got a general feeling of lots of broad, eye watering chevrons across the front with large snowmen or suchlike in the middle. Bright colours. Lots of swirly bits. Even bits hanging off the edges. All in all, brash and bold.

And so my layout ended up with elements of brash and bold.

Several of those ugly sweaters had square elements on the front - maybe four boxes with designs inside - so a square photo seemed appropriate. The twine twirly bits reminded me of the tassels and dangles hanging off the bottom of quite a few

I've got lots of these Heidi Swapp transparency elements and while I still love them, they can be hard to use. I decided to scatter some - much like many of those ugly sweaters have scattered snowflakes!

Bold, bright chevrons with a large design in the middle? Check. Swirly bits and pieces? Check. Yes, the ugly sweater elements are there!

Can you find inspiration from those funky, festive creations that seem to be making a bit of comeback?  If so, we'd love to see you link it up over at Mr Linky (here)!


  1. Super cute layout love the huge chevrons

  2. Love this layout...so fun!!

  3. Brash and bold and beautiful!

  4. Fussy cutting, bold patterned paper, cute kiddo - what's not to love? :~D

  5. Such prettiness from something so 'not'Lovely take on the challenge!

  6. Great ale on the challenge. Love the scattered hearts.

  7. Not sure if you know the comic strip character Charlie Brown from Peanuts, but that bold, black chevron reminds me of Charlie's signature shirt. Lisa...you could take anything ugly and make it beautiful. You have such a way with the product. Those stapled on ghost hearts and that bit of twine. I never tire of your layouts or designs. :)

  8. Super fun page - I like the staples along with the giant chevron - what a quirky combo that really works.

  9. Beautiful page - even though it was inspired by ugly sweaters! :o)

  10. Oh that's gorgeous!


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