Saturday, 7 October 2006

Stash alert ....

Once again, I am trying to upload! Spent over an hour the other night with this exact same entry (well you know what I mean, not exactly word for word but the subject matter), and it just would not layout correctly and then I lost the whole bloody thing! 2nd time lucky, hopefully...

So, I really should be getting on with the journaling for the final few days of the Canada tour, not to mention, start writing up London and Bath where we had lots of fun
 but I don't know... I am a little bit unmotivated and thought I would rather just load up some fun pictures of all the stash I 
got in Canada!We did go a little crazy I think - this is it all over our table - and when it is all spread out like that, I think "OMG!", but once R starting pushing me to really look and take the opportunity, then I just WENT FOR IT!!!!

And I also managed to pick up some cool ephemera while I was in Canada - here are some
genuine maple leaves (Fall leaves! Get the pun?) and other bits and pieces. I hope to be able to incorporate them nicely into my pages (reminder to self - Track down some Archival Mist). And of course, I got some local stuff which just made my day. Some Canada flags which are nice and bright and a page of Nova Scotia locations which I was so excited about. Now that I am home and looking at the list, it is lovely to realise just how many of the places we actually got to see!

And just for good measure so that I can scare myself at really how much I bought, here are some details - left right and centre of the table! But I reckon I saved so much. The bag for example would cost nearly double in the UK and let's face it, it is JUST SO PRETTY!!!

I also stocked up on some Canadian/American scrapbooking magazines which are really interesting to see the products that are already available over there but are not yet on our market. And the style is kind of different, so Lib, watch the post for some copies here and there!

Yes, I know that now I really should be using it all up and getting on with sorting through the 1,000 photos I took (not taking into account the 3,500 photos that R took!!!!) and get some pages down but it all seems a bit daunting. Last month I was signed up for Shimelle's "
Learn Something New Every Day" course which was interesting and I need to get the pages done for that (6x6 which go SO quickly so will try that later today) and I have also signed up for her new one starting later on in the month " think you know me?" which I thought would be interesting for my BOM. At the same time, I am on the lookout for inspiration and time so have also signed up for the Big Picture Scrapbooking's "What's in my Bucket?" and "Darci Loves Doodlebug!" (their products are just so much fun!) so I really have enough to keep me going. The thing is with them, is that you can just download it all and then do it when you have time, you do not really have to keep up with their timetable as long as you get to the virtual classroom in time to download the materials. Of course, these have also made me realise that I still need MORE!!!!!! Not that I need a reason to come up with that thought! I think that these products are just so lovely and wonderful to have that I cannot resist it all and now I need to think about getting a couple of albums (yeah, really "need"!!!)

Not much else is new with me: here alone this weekend so I really want to try and get my a*** into gear and get some stuff done. Here goes...


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