Wednesday, 23 April 2008

12 on the 12th layout

So pleased to have got this done today. I am not overly thrilled with the layout itself but it got all 12 photos down and the important information captured. This is definitely something I want to try to do each month. It will be interesting to see the months go by and how the weather will change, how we will look different and what we do month by month. The anatomy of a day encapsulated by just 12 images - I love the idea.

I will work on improving the composition next month but this time, it was just important for me to get it done and finished! 12 photos on one layout? Sounds impossible and it took me a while of jigging them around until I found the overlap I was happy with. I like the idea of the two page layout too - I have been doing so many single page layouts recently that it was nice to rediscover them during the Bellaboo May kit and then it seemed obvious to me the 12 on the 12th would be a double too. But maybe next month, I will make the photos smaller again and leave more white space so it is not quite so busy!

And I have just realised that I should put the month somewhere on the layout! Doh! I will use the small stickers and just put the month very small in a corner somewhere. Good job I realised in time!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

12 on the 12th

Something new for me this month. Something I heard about some time ago - I think it might have been one of Stacy Julian's columns in Simple Scrapbooks. Then again in this post by Cathy Z last month. Sounded fun, sounded like a good idea! So I got in touch with Susan and added my name to the list - the list for a gentle but firm reminder before the 12th and again after the 12th!

So I am late. But I did take photos on the 12th which was good as a starting point.

But have you noticed that when you WANT to remember to take photos of all the little details from something (like the day for example!) you FORGET! I mean, I take photos all the time. Photos of the little details. Photos of the sky, photos of the flowers, photos of the buildings. But throughout THIS day, I kept missing the detials! I missed getting a photo of me - looking reasonable for a change as we went out for breakfast. I missed the detail of the farm shop where we bought the first Deutsche Spargel (German asparagus - long story, another post!) of the season. I missed the detail of me collecting my NEW reading glasses or the chance to get a photo of me in the glasses. I missed the detail of the said asparagus sitting on the kitchen counter, all stripped and bare. I missed the detail of the boys having a whisky tasting. The only photo of me? One right at the end of the night - looking definitely worse for wear (both of us actually!). I remembered to get Ralph waking up. I remembered to get the weather. And I remembered to get the asparagus reaching the table. So all is not lost. But a learning experience for next month!

Here are my photos for 12 on the 12th - a day captured from beginning to end.

A little birdie told me...

... that the new Bellaboo kit was fun and colourful and great to play with.

This is so TRUE!

Available to you in May but I thought you might like a few sneak peeks...

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bad blogger

Where does the time go? More than two weeks or is it three perhaps and not a blog entry in sight!

But I have been busy on Bellaboo projects - some you can see, and some you will have to wait for!

I had such a good time working on the April kit (it is really a lovely kit - full of scrumptious soft colours and loads of texture - such fun) and April newsletter - it just went on and on and on and on! I was practising my white space skills and using less and less PP which was really interesting and I was so pleased with some of the results.

Got to dash right now (apart from the fact that it is nearly 1.30am!) but will try to get some more on the blog over the weekend...


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