Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Got the blues????

... well, we haven't. We've certainly got the pinks, the Winter Pinks from Bellaboo ,that is.

The kit has been available for a couple of weeks now (go and get yours NOW!) and the newsletter went live last week which was not too bad considering the terrible postal strike which caused the delivery of our kits to be rather delayed! But we had such fun with this gorgeous bundle of pinks, blues, sparkle and texture - the glitter managed to get spread around the flat - beds, fridge, bath, sofa - all a bit sparkly since I worked on my ideas!

Here are a few peeks of my layouts and a mini-album that I created to whet your appetite but to get the full view, you have to go over to Bellaboo and check out the newsletter (really pleased with how it turned out again!) and then stroll over to the gallery to see lots of gorgeous pinkification. Let Libby know that I sent you over and while you are there, make sure that you check out her FANTASTIC Christmas selections - all on my wish list!

Other news in the Hausmann household revolves around the "BIG" birthday that is approaching later this week - all a bit scary! The party celebrations kick on on Friday when loads of people invade Recklinghausen from all over the UK, followed by open house here at the flat, and then the main event - my party - on Saturday.

I have been a terrible blogger recently - no excuse really. So will try to update on the party countdown again tomorrow or the next day!


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