Monday, 26 July 2010

Weekend creativity

I know you've got them too. Papers you just HAD to have when they came out. Probably a range of embellishments to go with them, an alphabet or two, maybe ribbons or buttons. They are/were gorgeous.  You have put them together in a bag ready for that perfect project. And they are still sitting on the shelf. Untouched. Unloved. Forlorn. Neglected. Forgotten.

Go on, admit it.... I'm not the only one who has these. Am I?

You know what you have to do with these?

Use them or lose them!

No, really.

If you don't love them any more, pass them on or throw them out. If you still love them, then be brave and just jump in and use it.

And of course, I'm not suggesting anything to you that I wouldn't do myself, so that is exactly what I've done.

I've been going through my stash and have a small pile of things to pass on to a card making friend. I have dumped some stuff in the round file. And I have been delving into bags of stash and using it. And it feels gooooood.

This weekend, I was browsing through one of my photo storage binders (à la LOM) and looking at photos from 2007 that I had felt needed to be scrapped - that's why I had printed out the photos. But, you know what? Many of them really don't. Either the story is not something I want to scrap, or it's been done in someway already, or the photos are rather blurghgh now I look at them. I have been taking out those photos fitting the last category and *shock horror* throwing them away. I don't want to scrap them or put them into regular photo albums so what is the point on holding onto them? Then I have been fishing out photos of events that I don't want to scrap and plopping them into regular photo albums.

And the rest?

Grab and scrap. Such as this one using 5 photos that I cut down and used. One or two went in the bin, and a couple have been put in the photo album pile.

** Ok, so I ran out of u's but the v works well enough. And see those doggy embellies? They must be 4 years old. I think Libby got them for me in a pack of themed items from Poundland or some other cheap and cheerful shop. I think they look great here. All the papers in the background came directly out of my scrap box. One trend I have noticed about my scrapping recently is that I borrow kids and dogs very often as subjects for my pages!

And this one uses 9 photos (again, trimmed down) in an adaptation of a sketch from my BPS class by May Flaum. There were a couple of photos which didn't make the cut and yet another half dozen or so to go into a regular photo album. 

** This one is a bit too pink I think but it sums up the day really well in one double layout - it didn't even need any journalling.

And I have just finished this photo album scrapbook about a trip to London I gave my best German friend for her special birthday. I used one of those really cheap, plastic photo albums costing less than €2, prettied it up and I now have a sweet little mini album to record the weekend. It appeared that I had double copies of most of the photos, so the other copy will probably be plopped into a regular photo album or in the bin. And I used some K&Co papers and embellishment that I think are as old as the photos. It's not my favourite paper range now but I still like it enough to use it. And somehow, it seems to match the theme. Then I used up lots of the small embellishments I had bought to go with it - using up nearly two complete packs - liberating! There is enough space in this small album for a few things that I had brought back from the trip - tickets and a couple of postcards - and the rest of the bag of memorabilia? In the bin. Looking through it, I was happy I had kept it but I just didn't need to include it here. (I was inspired by last week's posts on Write. Click. Scrapbook. on this topic - see this post here or this one here for examples.)

There is not a lot of detail in this mini-book, but the places, highlights and a few fun facts are captured and that is enough.

And that 2007 photo storage album is looking a lot less full which can only be a good thing. 

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Like this....

and this... (leaves - right up my street!)

I can feel some serious shopping coming on when the CHA Summer stuff comes out. So much Christmas and Halloween gorgeousness.... Of course I don't neeeed ANY Christmas or Halloween stuff. I have more Christmas stuff than fits into one drawer and considering I don't really do more than one page or so a year for Halloween, my collection is rather... extensive!

But it doesn't mean I can't look... right?

Mitten Weather by CC

Merry January by We R Memory Keepers (love these colours)

Toil & Trouble by The Girls Paperie

Pink Paislee has a couple of ranges I really like, but I can't find a decent picture...

And I was drawn to this one...

Cambridge by Bo Bunny

I thought there was something really interesting about it - good for boys and men! (Yeah, I do soooo many of those too!)

Of course, it is debatable whether I will ever get around to getting these - I am pretty lazy about actually tracking down stuff I have seen if they don't have them for sale in Kempen! 

But I can dream, right?

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Among other things, I have a reputation for being a bit of a sociophobe (!) and a Billy-No-Mates (!!). Both of which I have to agree with to some degree :-))

Now while there may be some truth in that, I do actually have a handful of people who I would like to consider my friends. I may not see them that often or even be any good at keeping in touch with them (!) but over the years we have kept out friendship alive.

One such true and loyal person is G and our friendship has now lasted an incredible (almost) 32 years. She was my best friend through secondary school, meeting on the very first day although we sat at opposite ends of the class - my surname starting with S and hers C. We might have had other friends over the years of school misery but we always found each other again. We shared a lot of good times, and she was always there for me at many low points for which I will always be grateful.

We met up for the first time in nearly 9 years in March at my mum's birthday celebration and then I went over to visit her when I was over in May. We talked non-stop for hours and hours, catching up on all those years which had seen many changes for both of us!

It did me a lot of good. It was great to be able to chat as if those years had never happened and to find that even though our lives have gone in very different ways, we can still connect. It was lovely to see that we still cared for each other and we both hope that it won't be nine years until we see each other again.

So imagine my delight this morning when these....

... arrived on my doorstep. 

Thanks G for listening, for understanding and for letting me know you're thinking of me. Yes, your kindness certainly made me smile - as well as bringing a lump to my throat.  ;-))

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Catching up a little

Not that I want to use that anti word, *behind*. But I've been, let's say, a little slow in getting my 12 on 12s done over the last few months. Not to mention, I keep forgetting and twice this year so far, I've had to do it on the 13th!

But time on my hands makes for an urge to finish up stuff and hey presto, three layouts later, I am totally up to date. Not only that, I have finally settled on a design that I'm going to use every month from now on. This has only taken me more than two years.... Sometimes things take a long time to settle in my brain...

But suddenly it clicked and June and July follow this new, simple, block design. Space for journalling, space for a small embellishment, space for a title, using mostly scraps. Yeah!!! Happy, happy.

I don't really like this one - the colours and embellishments are a little "off" but it's done, and it used up lots of odd, old bits and pieces. And it was really the 13th. Not really important. Pictures of the kids are much more appealing.

Tra laaaa. New design. Block, block, block. Nice, nice, nice! When I had printed off the photos, I noticed how much red and black there was and some flashes of yellow/gold which mirrored the whole German flag colours and feelings of national pride in World Cup month, so I went with these colours in the overall design. I like it!

And again. Same design + different colours = different look. Yes, there is a typo in the journalling, but it's not critical. And another one just using scraps from my box. 

I'm wondering how long I will continue with this project. Should I think about finishing it at some point, or just continue? The album I have assigned to it is very full and very interesting to look back at all those months, but is this something to go on forever? Not sure.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

On my finished pile recently

While I may not be as productive at the moment than in recent months or weeks, there has been some scrapping.

Yet another class. Yet another set of challenges. Yet another bunch of inspirational ideas and fellow scrappers. Yet more stash being used up which is always a good feeling.

Creativa is the only craft fair I go to - it's just up the road from me and you see the most bizarre things there - as well as some really pretty stalls.
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

Just a little tribute to Charlie who now lives with another family who are more able to look after him with regard to his problems. I am sure we all miss him.

I seem to have gazillions of photos from our zoo trips - I seem to have done dozens of layouts about it! I think this has to be the last one now.
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

Lifted from my blog post a couple of weeks ago. Inspired by my Nic Howard class. It felt good to use up some of my Sassafrass stash.

I have wanted to do this layout for some time - the photo of the glass of champagne was taken on the day we booked our trip and I knew I would do this type of comparison.
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

Yes, that is my old stereo which died a few years ago and I was very sad to chuck it out!
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

And I also have hundreds of these types of photos from when we are in the UK. The sketch was a good way of using up a lot of photos. More Sassafrass papers - that pile of paper is now seriously depleted! The kids have grown up so much now but they still leap around in the same way!
** Sketch by May Flaum as part of BPS class Camp Scrap

Yet more finished layouts on the pile.

And yes, I really need to get some more albums in order to get all this year's layouts put away. Seems a shame that they are all lying around. And I think the basket I bought to hold the finished layouts maybe a "little" overwhelmed!

Monday, 19 July 2010

I've been...


Yes, I have stumbled onto the Glee bandwagon!

It hasn't reached Germany yet. Actually, can't imagine it ever reaching here - not sure the humour would translate very well, culturally.

But I had heard so much about it online and then, when I was in the UK, I caught two episodes - I was hooked. So, I dashed home and watched the whole series one and a half episodes at a time online (the online service I was using limits free viewing to 74 mins!) - it was good for my ironing! Unfortunately, it only took about 10 days to manage this and as I watched the last episode, I felt bereft.


And the DVD won't be available until September over there in the UK.

There was nothing else for it - over to Amazon and order all the music!

Da daaaa....

This music is making me smile. Got to love that!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Coming soon to a LSS near you....

Have you been checking out all the sneak peeks for the new releases for Summer CHA?

Looks to me like there will be lots of scrumptiousness in the shops - there is some seriously gorgeous lines coming out.

I like to go to The Scrap Review blog where they have been listing so many new products - reminding me of  manufacturers I haven't thought of for a while (I'm far too focussed on the few that are my go-to lines - BG, MM, AC etc).

But I was just browsing through The Scrap Review and they have featured the new My Mind's Eye line - Lost & Found. Let me just say..... oh! It is gorgeous. So many collections within the line - browns, greys, pinks, reds - all smudgy and vintage and full of such wonderful designs. I am going to HAVE to check these out when they release.

Check out the huge line here: Lost & Found

Here are a few of the products that made me catch my breath:







Anything been catching your eye recently as must haves for the future?

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Now anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I am clumsy with a capital C. I drop things ALL the time. Cups, plates, glasses, bottles, sunglasses, key, books, bottles - you name it, down it goes. And of course there are a few days every month when EVERYTHING ends up on the floor.

So you can imagine that I get used to breaking things. Sometimes expensive things.

But nothing compares to this....

Yep, down it went - again! But this time, I wasn't so lucky. Smash.

Bizarrely enough, it still works which I think is quite cool although it makes it difficult to read the screen LOL. And I got lots of glass splinters during the first few days.

But I am keeping it for the moment. Am hoping to inherit R's old 3GS when he gets a new 4G. Then I will send this one it to get a (really expensive!!!) replacement glass screen!

Talking of broken glass, today was another glass breakage. This time though, not only did the glass break but I also seem to have taken a chunk out of my hand. Bit worried. Hope it starts healing overnight or I might have to go and have it looked at... All fun and games here.

Please tell me there are other clumsy people out there...!

Good job it's cooled down here or I would be really grumpy! ;-))

Friday, 9 July 2010

And 21 months late

Yep, here's yet another unfinished - now finished - project left over from Libby's Bellaboo days!

We all celebrated Bellaboo's birthday back in September 2008 and Cleo came along for three, fun, very Cleo, classes - a layout, a wall canvas and a mini-book.  

True to form, the mini-book involved much complicated folding and of course, true to form, I did it wrong, needed to start again and ran out of time! And so it sat, and sat, and sat on my shelf until the weekend when I picked it out and left it in the way in order to encourage me to FINISH it!

I had all the photos printed - retro, teenage, 80s photos of me and my wonderfully, poster decorated bedroom and a whole load of album covers that sum up that era for me. 

I cut them all up and slapped them on. Wrote out some strip journalling and worked out where to put it, popped on a few embellies, squeezed a title on the cover and have called it quit! 

Now, I have just looked up my reference photos of Cleo's original book and of course, it's much more detailed and wonderful than mine! Bits and pieces, flowers and twirly bits as well as Dymo strips here and there (should have thought of that!!!). Really cool and much more interesting than mine. It's unlikely I will go back to the book and spruce it up a bit now that I have seen how cool the original was, but you never know....

In the meantime, I am calling it done. Another one off the shelf. Gold star for Lisa!

Oh, and by the way, I really was pretty cool in the 80's ;-)))

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What would you grab and go?

Susanne over at Snaps & Snippets posed an interesting question today: You have been invited over to a friend's to scrap. BUT you can only take 5 products with you - she has all the tools and adhesive you need which is such a relief but you are only allowed to take your favourite 5 products with you for some good, fun scrapping. What will you stuff in your bag? What is grabbing your attention right now?

So, in my (rather too small because it only fits in 5 products) bag would be:

  1. BG Cappella - it's double sided, features lots of muted colours as well as some stronger browns and greens, has a good mix of small and large designs and I think it's really versatile - you could use it for all sorts of different types of layouts. And I have decided to leave my beloved Kraft cardstock behind to give myself one more product to take and the collection has some plains that I can use as my cardstock substitute.
  2. American Crafts Thickers - Rainboots, puffy letters in black. I have two sets of this - can I take both, pretty please? Of course in reality, I would grab my whole alphabet basket which is 90% AC Thickers but if I had to choose, this is my favourite at the moment.
  3. Prima flowers - I know I just did DD and we had a whole selection of techniques to make our own gorgeous flowers and embellishments, but I am with a friend, we will be chatting, time for actual scrapping will be scarce, I need to take some ready-mades! And I just love these flowers - two half packs of flowers making up one product - ok?
  4. Prima Say It In Pearls - let's face it, these pearl swirls with the tiny flowers interspersed are just the business (need more).
  5. Krima & Isa Twine - this is a German brand and I picked up two rolls of twine - blue and pink but the one I need to take with me will be the pink and white. After all, I shall need to make up at least a banner or two, tie some bows or just wrap it around the paper. 

Shame I can't take the buttons, felt flowers, bling, journalling cards, glitter brads, chipboard pieces etc etc etc. But I think with these five items, I would feel inspired, happy and creative. Now, to get on and use them!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Only 31 months late

I had started this little project waaaaaay back in 2007.

I just thought it would be interesting to make a few notes on the 30 days leading up to my 40th birthday and include some photos (30 to 40). Just a simple, little, easy project that would be done and dusted the day after my birthday - NOT!

I did, however, write the notes each day of those 30 days and I had also formed the basis of my album/mini-book, so all I needed to do this morning was to sort out the photos and then have some fun sticking them down and decorating them up a bit.

I had chosen Amy Butler which I still adore - such bright, gorgeous colours with sparkle and lots of embellishments (I had bought the whole range LOL) so this was easy in principle. Mostly a single page of notes/journalling with a photo on the back - one or two days have two - along with a some pretty paper and one or two embellishments. Date on the journalling page, countdown from 30 on the photo page.

It's done at last and I'm so pleased that it's finished. Tick!

Got unfinished projects on the table? Like to join in the challenge of getting them finished? Let me know and we can motivate each other!


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