Monday, 30 July 2012

Counterfeit Master Forger Virtual Swap Challenge

Ah ha! You might be wondering what on earth I'm talking about but over the last month or so, the CKC Master Forgers have been participating in a virtual swap and I'm here to tell you what that is and how it went.

We decided on a virtual swap as we are an international team and what with delivery times and costs, it seemed a better way to go. So we were asked to compile a list of ten items that we would like to "swap" with our partners. The idea was that it could be five generic items and five specific items. With or without photos. Or we could even make such a specific list that we could provide links. Then it was our choice as to exactly how we would interpret the list - maybe purchase the items or counterfeit them or just find these items in our stash. 

Once we received the list, our challenge was to then create a layout based on the items. I tell you, this was a lot of fun and I will be doing this again in the future with some of my scrapbooking buddies across the ocean!

I sent my list to Margie and she has done wonders with my list! Go on over to her blog (here) and see what she did (and she's included the photos I sent her). I do believe Margie managed to get every item onto her page! My list to her was:

  1. white cardstock
  2. patterned paper with a gorgeous mix of soft aqua and coral colours and an on trend design. Something like hot air balloons, clouds, maps or chevrons. eg. What's Up by BG
  3. A chipboard alpha. eg Amy Tangerine Thickers - Goodness 
  4. Some pearls or bling eg a yellow pearl swirl from Lost and Found by My Mind's Eye
  5. Flair buttons/badges eg the badges available from Studio Calico
  6. Twine
  7. Stick pins 
  8. Tape of some sort
  9. Assorted die cut shapes eg. the What's Up collection bag of mixed die cuts
  10. A stamp or stamped image of some sort
And then I received my list from Rebecca:

  1. A Polaroid-frame shape (either a cut-out shape or something pre-printed that looks like a polaroid print)
  2. A marker/pen other than black
  3. An office supply item (something not specifically marketed as a scrapbooking item)
  4. A pattern paper background (instead of a cardstock background)
  5. Brads
  6. Paper with some shade of orange on it
  7. A scrap of paper from your scrap pile that's smaller than 6x6
  8. Twine or floss
  9. Flock (or something that's already pre-flocked)
  10. Something that makes a glossy finish (UTEE, glossy accents, etc.)

This was a great list and really made me stop and think about what to use and how to use it. I managed 7 of the items missing out the flock, the brads and the paper background as I was determined only to use my scrap box for the whole layout with a cardstock background. The challenge to use paper with some orange in it pushed the whole colour scheme and I love it. I don't think I have any orange left any more as I've also been using it on cards this month. I scraplifted myself which made things move along easily and decided to change things up a bit by clear embossing a butterfly onto the vellum envelope. It's hard to capture in a photo but let me tell you that it's gorgeous IRL!

Why not take one of our lists and do the challenge for yourself? And then don't forget to share with us!

Happy swapping!

Ps. sorry I'm late posting this and I'm sorry for the peculiar spacing! I have no idea what is going on with this.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Looking for a hero

Our friends over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge have asked us to think about those people we look up to - a bit of hero worship is called for.

Well, I have two confessions to make.

First off, this is a challenge I've actually done twice relatively recently with three layouts, so finding a new angle to take was a little difficult for me. I've already done my other half and my grandfather, and then a little more tongue in cheek with Jacob, my werewolf hero. (here, here or here).

And then second confession... Once I had decided what to make my layout about, I realised that both my CKC kits that I have here (June's Subtlety and July's Beach-house) didn't really have any suitable supplies for my layout. So I have to say that I "cheated" and added in a whole load of product to my July kit so that I could make my layout how I wanted it!  BUT I did use the red tape from my July kit and also a teeny tiny alphabet I had in my June kit so it's not like I didn't use ANYTHING! *wink wink*

But let's face it, anything's allowed, right? There are no rules!

So, onto my layout. And in this special GB year - I'm currently sitting in front of the opening ceremony for the London Olympics, feeling very proud of the show they've put on - it only seemed appropriate to go into a little more detail about someone I'm very proud of. Someone who I consider to be a true Heroine.


 So, if you've got this far, I hope you don't mind my self-indulgence, my immersion in my British pride and my "twisting" of the rules!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Come and celebrate

Are you going to celebrate a special occasion for the latest Counterfeit Kit Challenge? A birthday perhaps? Or an anniversary? Or maybe Easter, Christmas or New Year?

Now I love making pages like that but this time around I just decided to celebrate something small in my life.

My Beach-house kit is still making me very very happy! I love the (admittedly only) three layouts I've made from it so far and I'm looking forward to having a bit more time to really get going with it - whenever that is!

So, have you decided what you're celebrating this time around? Don't forget to share over at the Counterfeit blog.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A gift of cards

The first challenge is up over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and they'd like us to make cards for Operation Write Home which is such a very good cause.

However, as a non-American, I thought I would take the concept and make my cards for someone in my life who needs to know that I'm thinking of them. Someone who is having a rough time right now and lives a long way from me so I can't be there to give them a real hug.

Instead, I'm letting her know that she's in my thoughts with a gift of a pack of pretty cards.

I used up the scraps from my May Whispers kit and had a lot of fun making each card a bit different and trying out different stamping techniques on them. I used a lot of details from other cards I've made recently but am happy that each one is different.

All wrapped up in pretty pink ribbons and ready to go.

So, Whispers is finally finished and the small amount of scraps that were left over are back in my scrap box. I made a total of 9 layouts with the kit which makes it another successful kit and I will share the 5 layouts I haven't yet posted on here soon.

So, grab your kit (or just a bunch of scraps like I did) and make someone happy with the gift of a card.

Then don't forget to share over at the CKC blog (here).

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Vintage Jingling

Ok, quick and short today.

One last Jingle Belles card for this week. Another one with a little vintage image from the internet and even more simple than the last time.

Looking forward to the new Jingle Belles prompt now that I'm back up to date :-)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Having myself a very vintage Christmas

Well, I'm all caught up with my Jingle Belles cards and it's time to post the current prompt "Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas". It was one of my favourites from last year so I'm thrilled to see it again.

Pam and I are doing a little daily "Whimsical Musings does cards" project this month and so I took the opportunity to make up my first vintage card.

I used a design from the TwoPeas Finally Friday card class but made it into a Christmas card, adding this little print I'd downloaded from the internet. I don't remember if I used it last year or not, but it's so cute, I don't mind using it again!

As ever, simple and quick. I'm almost up to my target number of cards which will mean that soon, it will be bonus cards all the way :-)

Joining in?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mele Kalikimaka

One of the things I love the most about the girls over at Jingle Belles is that they really know how to make the prompts they give us a lot of fun! And to push us to try out new things and create unusual stuff.

Prompt #13 "Mele Kalikimaka" wished us a very Hawaiian Christmas. Now, that was a prompt that made me happy and made me smile! A lot.

The cards Stef and Lauren created for us to showcase the prompt were so gorgeous that I really recommend you go over there (here) to soak up their inspiring designs.

I wanted to attack my scrap box again and decided to go with the bright colour route. I turned to Sketch Support once more using a sketch I'd used for my notecards back in April and it all came together so wonderfully.

And it used a lot of scraps in the process. I can see light at the bottom of my box at last!

I ended up making 6 colourful production-line cards using this simple design and all it needed to finish them off was a suitable sentiment and a sprinkle of bright coloured flowers!

I love the bright colours and the touch of whimsy to these. Some of my favourites this year I think.

How are you doing with your cards for "that" time of the year? Why not think about joining in. We'd love to see you over there (Jingle Belles blog here)


Friday, 6 July 2012

Counterfeit Kit Challenge July Blog Hop Reveal

Welcome to the July Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog hop kit reveal.

If you've arrived here directly, I recommend you go back to the beginning of the hop over at the CKC site (here) so you don't miss out on any of the fun and inspiration. If you are here via the delightful Julie (here) then you are on the right track and I'm glad you've stopped by. Leave me a message to let me know you were here and then go off and make up your kit! 

The inspiration kit this month is by the new kit club Citrus Twist Kits and is their June Summer Boardwalk kit

And I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. And I mean head. over. heels. It happens over and over again with the inspiration kit we get to work with but this month really saw me sit up and pay extra attention. ;-)

I loved the colours, the papers, the content of the kit. Loved it all. And then something very strange happened. I found myself going online and ordering the papers, the alphas and a couple of the matching embellies. I couldn't help myself. Before I knew it, I had an full kit on order. Oh my! Just what I don't do - normally! 

I did challenge myself to mix in a few older items when I finished making up the kit and ended up suing some coloured cardstock that's been hanging around for ages, two sheets of really old paper....

A mix of flowers and buttons - some of which are also really old...

And even though I had really tried to track down some of the gorgeous Studio Calico veneer shapes, I failed to get any :-( So I added in some little wooden shapes I had already. Some of the colours are a bit bright but I might try misting or inking them. 

I happen to know there's some really serious counterfeiting going on with some of my fellow forgers for these items so I'll be watching out for those and giving them a try. Don't forget to check them out too.

The colours and elements reminded me a lot of summer and my better half came up with the idea of calling it "Beach-house" which seemed perfect!

I really hope you love the kit as much as I do and will have a lot of fun creating your version.

Here's the list of hoppers today - enjoy the ride and go check out Libeeti's kit -you are in for a treat!

Guest Designer: Sherri
Lisa <---- you are here

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Musically speaking

Here again with another Jingle Belles catch up post.

Prompt #12, "Fa-la-la-la-la!" was to incorporate music into our designs. While I'd been making the batch I featured yesterday with the Sketch Support sketch (see the sketch I used in yesterday's post here), I picked out a few music scraps and made another three cards from the same sketch.

And then I found this leftover piece of die cut paper and decided to do something with it too.

Hey presto, four more cards. More than simple. But finished :-)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Not much Jingling going on recently

While I was doing LOAD back in May, I managed to miss a few Jingle Belles prompts and since then, just didn't manage to get back into the rhythm. And there were some great prompts so I really wanted to try to catch up.

And I'm pleased to say that this last weekend, I managed to make a huge amount of Christmas cards to get myself right up to date. I won't give you Christmas overload right here in this post, but you can expect to see several card posts over the next week so that I can link them up and join in on this week's prompt too (vintage elements, which I really don't want to miss.)

But going back in time to prompt #10 which was "Embossing Around the Christmas Tree" - yes, you guessed it, use embossing on your cards.

I'm a really uncertain stamper so I limited the damage with this prompt to one wet embossed and one dry embossed card.

Prompt #11 was cards for gift cards. I never need those so I decided to just play aournd with the scraps in my scrap box and try to get some of them used up.

I used a Sketch Support sketch to make things fast and easy and ended up making several variations

And because I was then on a scrap roll, I just put this one together.

A bunch of simple and easy cards which are filling up my box. And my scrap box is actually beginning to look a bit emptier at last. 

Thanks for looking and why don't you start to get ahead of the game with your Christmas card making and head on over to the Jingle Belles site? You'll be ever so glad come December :-)

There are actually a couple more from the sketch but I'll share those next time.


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