Tuesday, 6 November 2018

November 2018 - Mini kit reveal and project

I went a bit over the top and decided to make a full kit as well as a mini kit this month! Therefore, I'm back again today to show you the mini-kit and project I've started with it.

I was short of time and decided to make it super quick and simple picking out just the main colours of aqua (and other shades of blue), pink and yellow from the main inspiration kit and pulled out some products for a Project Life spread. It looks like a lot but there is one sheet of full paper plus a cut apart sheet and then just some pocket cards and a handful of embellishments. I know that I will need to add a few more bits and pieces in there but this is a great start and most of the hard work is therefore done.

I've had that Elle's Studio set of labels for forever so it's time to get it used up. I've also had that veneer pocket card for a long time and I thought that it combined the veneer and word elements from the original kit.

A handful of pocket cards with designs and words tie in with the original and hopefully, will be useful as fillers.

I picked out that Crate cut apart sheet some weeks ago, knowing that I wanted to use it for my month titles. It's the perfect colours.

I realised that I have just three months outstanding for 2017 in my Project Life album and had already created that month card with the events so it seemed easier to go with this month instead of the two summer months which might have matched my products better.

I'm just showcasing the first page here but I expect this month to be two or three double spreads because I was on the road over Christmas and have some memorabilia and lots of pretty photos I'd like to include.

I like the usual colour scheme for this month but decided that I will try to ensure there is lots of gold element and thread across all pages to tie it all together and give it a festive feel.

I added in a couple of extra pocket cards to back photos and the word veneer below. I wonder if I should move that veneer to the outside pocket?

Keeping it simple.

I'll be back on the 18th with challenge #2 using my main kit so I hope to see you there!

Don't forget that we love to see your creations and you can join in the fun over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or you can link up directly on the blog here using the Link-Up pageOr on Instagram (find us @counterfeitchallenge and share with #counterfeitchallenge ).

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Counterfeit Kit Challenge - kit reveal blog hop

Oh my! It's November and that's really exciting! I love November - it's an attitude thing ;-)

Birthdays, fairy lights, family reunions, parties and winter are all on their way and November is just fabulous!

But no doubt you're here today to join in on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge November blog hop and kit reveal so welcome, welcome, welcome.

I hope you've landed here via Cindy's blog here and next up is Laura over on Instagram here. Both will delight you with their own kits and I happen to know that the whole team were inspired by the original kit I picked out for us all this month, so it's going to be a good hop. Make sure you don't miss anyone (full hop list at the end of the post) This month, I'd also like you to drop by our wonderful Guest Designer Alex's blog here. I was so thrilled she agreed to join us in November and I know you are going to love her too.

Here's the inspiration kit I chose for us and isn't it totally scrummy? Citrus Twist Kits October 2018, "Little Things".

The colours, the designs, the embellies, the look of it all? Citrus Twist Kits really knocked it out of the park this month and there was no way I could resist!

You can find out all about the kit over at the Citrus Twist site here and you'll find lots of detail shots as well as the Pocket Life and Gracebox kits.

Little Things main kit here

Before I explain the details of my kit, let me proudly present.... Scorpio

I started by trying to track down a sheet of October Afternoon paper that I knew I had which was a perfect match to the star paper in the original kit. But of course, I couldn't find it - maybe I've already used it up! Which was a shame.

But while I was looking for it, the constellation paper from Dear Lizzy (far right top) caught my eye and I thought it was perfect - the actual paper is a lot more purple/lavender than it shows up here on my (badly lit) photo. So I started there and then looked around for some of the main colours I saw in the inspiration kit - purple, blue, aqua, pink and a hint of yellow. I can see that my papers are not exactly a close match to the original but I think I've picked out papers that give the same feeling - florals, stars, spots, leafy strands, repeated pattern, blocked patterns, geometric "feel".

The original kit has Pinkfresh Studio so I made sure I picked out a couple of smaller sheets which seemed to give the same feeling and I've mixed in some Crate, Dear Lizzy, Stampin' Up (that gorgeous constellation paper), Shimelle, Webster's Pages, Jen Hadfield, Amy Tangerine - that's quite a lot of different designers!

Then came the fun bit of adding in scrummy embellishment goodies - die-cuts, word stamp, fibre bows, Shimelle paper border, wooden veneers, letters, chipboard, wooden buttons and puffy elements!

I had so much fun looking for, and adding, all these elements in to my kit. I think it's really going to be a good kit to use - what do you think?

I think my kit has turned out more pink and aqua, and less blue and purple, and not so much yellow but that's ok - I think it's rather lovely!

I'll be back on the 6th with a mini kit too because I decided to volunteer for both kits in November (hint that I want to continue getting on with my PL!).

Here's the full blog hop here in case you get lost along the way!

We love seeing your work, so be sure to share your kits and projects with us. You can do this by using the Link Up page here on the blog, posting in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group, or on Instagram (find us @counterfeitkitchallenge and share with #counterfeitkitchallenge).

Thanks so much for stopping by! We can't wait to see what you create this month!

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Counterfeit Kit Challenge October mini-kit reveal

I'm back today with my Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini-kit and project. You can find the CKC blog post for the mini-kit reveal including Master Forger Susan's wonderful selection here.

I was keen to volunteer again because I've been really enjoying bringing together the small kit and then using it up right away. I've caught up on a month or two of Project Life 2017 and I saw this as an ideal chance to get working on another month - September. An autumn-themed kit would be perfect for both the inspiration that Leslie picked out for us and for the Project Life month to finish.

This month's inspiration for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge is the Wild Hare Kits selection that was curated for Design Team member Mandi Holmes - you can find her unboxing video here.

Here is a collage that Leslie put together for us to showcase the papers in the original kit so we would be able to pick out the inspiration.

Knowing that I wanted to have a small kit that would still be useful for the doulbe spread I was planning, I decided to include three full sheets of paper as well as a few scraps.

I was inspired by the striped paper, the design by Pink Paislee that looks like embroidery and the cut apart sheet as well as the colours of autumn that seemed to run through the inspiration.

I found an interesting striped sheet with some pretty colours by Simple Stories and then noticed the the collection also had a design that looks like quilting. I was surprised to realise that this was the Mama Llama collection which would not normally spring to mind when you think about an autumn kit. I guess it just goes to show that you can combine products unexpectedly to create fun results.

Apologies for the bad light photos! Late night kitting and creating.

I also included a sheet from Shimelle's Go Now Go line which I had in mind from the beginning due to the autumnal shades. I found few additional cut apart pocket cards from the collection which brought in a little pink to match the Simple Stories papers and a month marker card which I knew would be perfect.

I added in sequins, mini letters and stickers which matched items in the original kit and then I noticed a small bunch of mini scraps and leftover elements from the Cedar Lane collection which seemed perfect as a little extra for my mini-kit.

There is a good mix of items in my kit even though it's small and compact. I love that side of making up my own kits.

Then I made up some pocket 6x4 cards which I'll use for decorative purposes in my Project Life. I glanced through the possible photos I'd be using and saw that we had a few day trips, an Oktoberfest party and the anniversary of when we met so that helped give me direction for my cards.

I adore these month cards and will be holding onto the others I have so that I can use a few more of them. This will be on the first side of my double spread.

The die cut from my forged Thickers was perfect for this celebratory card.

And I was happy to pile up with little word labels for this anniversary marker.

This cut-apart card didn't need much decoration because I didn't want to cover any of the pretty up!

I created all four cards in about 90 minutes - yes, I know that I'm slow - and they will go a long way in saving time when I come to pull together the full month as a whole, maybe tomorrow.

Don't forget that CKC will feature challenge projects on 12th & the 18th which we hope will help you use up those goodies in your own counterfeit kit.

As always, we love seeing your work, so be sure to share your kits and projects with us. You can do this by using the Link-Up page here on the blog, posting in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or on Instagram (find us @counterfeitchallenge and share with #counterfeitchallenge )

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Counterfeit Kit Challenge - Forgery on the Fourth

I'm on mini-kit duty again this month which I'm totally happy with and when I looked through the Wild Hare Kits inspiration kit which was curated for Mandi Holmes - which you can find out all about over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog here - I spied something that would be super useful for my kit and something that I would rarely think to buy for my own stash.

This photo shows some of the super embellishments for the kit and those Thickers at the bottom were the item that caught my attention.

Big, swirly, pretty words that are super for titles, embellishments or even cards and will fit perfectly onto pocket page cards - hint hint.

I started off by opening up my Silhouette and creating two 6x12 pages and then just shopped my library of designs to pick out all the words that are the same as the original Thickers. Then I played around with the sizing until they fitted onto the sheet in the same way - more or less - as the original items.

After that, I simply made the page a full 12x12 sheet and copied the second half onto the other side.

Next up was picking a woodgrain paper from my stash. This sheet by Jen Hadfield fitted the bill.

And then I just watched my Silhouette do its wonderful stuff!

Look at the negative sheet here - I think this could be useful in some way so I'll keep it for now. Isn't it pretty!

And all the words still on the cutting mat.

I carefully removed all the little bits inside the letters and words and was amazed that every single tiny bit was perfectly cut and still all in one piece!

I arranged them all on a sheet of cardstock and I love the fact that it's almost the same as the original, but uses up a whole bunch of words and elements that I've got in my Silhouette library! I just know that I'll use up a few of these with my mini kit which I'll be showcasing on Saturday.

So, head over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog today to check out the other forgeries being shown there and then don't forget to come back again on 6th for some mini-kit inspiration as well as the challenges on 12th and 18th. 

If you create any of your own forgeries, make sure you share with us! We love to see your creations and projects.  You can do this by using the Link-Up page here on the blog, posting in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or on Instagram (find us @counterfeitchallenge and share with #counterfeitchallenge ) 

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Counterfeit Kit Challenge - mini kit reveal and project

Over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, I'm showcasing my mini-kit for September with which I've completed another of my overdue Project Life spreads for 2017. You can find that post here.

Our original inspiration kit was the Noel Mignon Apple Crisp kit here and isn't it gorgeous!?! Perfect to get me into the autumn feeling which, of course as you know, is my favourite time of year.

I loved the shades of brown, yellow, green, orange with a hint of pink along with the leafy, cooler days of autumn feel to the kit and my kit has most of that, even if it's a bit hard to see!

All the papers came from my scrap basket and there is a small pile that has been put back there. I like to have a lot of choice so I often put more in than I know I will use up and that's ok. This is not a super mini kit because my Project Life pages are two spreads per month.

I was happy to find that I'd included a couple of pages that I could fussy cut and you'll find that there are a lot of flowers, banners and leaves scattered across my pockets.

I'm trying to work through my PL card supply but it's proving hard as I'm not sure I want to mix up the straight corners of the cards I make myself and photos with the rounded corners of the older collections.

Some minimal supplies knowing that my pockets need to be less dimensional. But they give a nod to the original kit with hearts, leaves, words and woodgrain elements as well as a smattering of twine.

I love these feathers so it was a good excuse to try and get them used on a page.

And here are my spreads for November 2017 which was a particularly memorable month round here due to a special birthday.

My PL spreads all follow the same format which gives me space for large and small landscape and portrait photos as well as the opportunity to have some decorative items and space for journalling if I need it. This was a tricky month to pick out photos and a lot didn't make the cut so I'll have to make sure that there are full pages to fill in any of the details that I think are missing.

I've been hoarding these star sign cards from Studio Calico (why didn't I buy four sets?!?!) but this seemed like an ideal time to use them. There seem to be far too many photos of me this month but I have a camera shy husband which doesn't help!

Sigh! I need more of these cards!

Lots of Paris details but I know that there are more stories to tell so I need to make sure that I make full layouts to tell the rest in my regular albums.

And then I've added in some of the memorabilia in smaller pocket pages so that I have it all in one place. Perhaps those of you who make your own pocket pages could give me a tip for how to keep all the "stuff" into that top left hand pocket? Everything seems to fall out every time I touch the page!

These top two photos are actually postcards which makes me happy! What does anyone do with more dimensional memorabilia?

And there you have it. It took me HOURS - I must be doing something wrong and I need to think about how to make it easier for myself! Less decoration? Handwritten journalling mixed in with the printed? Tips and tricks? All constructive criticism welcome!

Make sure you go over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog today and again on the 12th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 30th for more inspiration that you'll be able to use in your own kits, mini kits and projects. You can find out how to join in over there.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!


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