Friday, 21 November 2008

Slowly but surely

It's a bit painful at the moment, but I am VERY slowly trying to work through outstanding stuff. My October 12 on 12 was missing as pointed out in the comments on my last entry by Meredith (:-)) and I really wanted to catch up so that I am on track with this. Maybe I am just making it too difficult?

Anyway, I decided to sit down during some dead time at work and create two simple sketches and then I just got on with it over the last couple of days. But you know, this is much harder for me than sitting with a blank piece of paper and just throwing stuff down on the page!

I decided to go all graphic and simple รก la Cathy Z (I'm doing her Design Your Life right now over at BPS and am trying to "internalise" some of this simpler stuff.) and I created a grid as the base to the layout. But as you can see, my measurements were somewhat "off", my common margins are not all that common and I have odd spaces here and there which I had to fill with ribbons and paper!!!! Best intentions! I guess there is always next time!

The main thing in that the day is recorded!

November was a bit more successful - and I used the new font recommended by Cathy Z which I adore.

And onto the next projects - the Christmas kit work for Bellaboo - another fantastic combinations that will blow your mind! Looking forward to sitting down tonight and getting down to it.

PS. Don't you hate the fact that it is so difficult to catch that 30 seconds of decent daylight now that winter is definitely here - taking photos on the floor with electric light and flash.... not a good combination! The layouts are much *nicer* IRL!

PPS. Isn't that Fancy Pants floral gorgeous? All the PP I used here (in both layouts) is from Bellaboo - I adore this range of Botanicals though. It was lovely to use something so pretty. It did not need much embellishment at all. Thanks Lib!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

History in the making

Even in my relatively short life, there have been a few occasions where you just have to sit and realise you are watching history in the making. What has happened in the last 48 hours has most definitely been one of those times. Life is good. Appreciate it.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hey! It's November...

I know it is unfashionable to say that you like November - I mean, who really likes this cold, grey, damp, dark month? Well, after so many years of agreeing with all the moaning and groaning that happens at this time of the year, I have decided to try a new tack - part of my "new improved" POSITIVE attitude!

You know, November really is not so bad!

The end of autumn with all those fabulous leaves still falling from the trees and misty mornings where the air is magical and hiding many secrets. OK, so it rains a bit and the sky really is often grey but you need this transition phase to take you into the winter. I love it when the mornings start to get colder and you really need a coat! The last mornings have been a little too warm for my liking because the winter coat is needed just in case, but as soon as you walk a little faster, you start burning up! So those mornings when you can really feel the cold on your cheeks and you breathe small clouds of light white condensation make me feel good. (Alright, ten minutes on the station platform can kill those feel good feelings for me but you know what I am saying here!)

And there are signs of Christmas starting to appear and I believe that you can really start to think about it all once November hits. The lights are up in Essen and yesterday I saw the large Christmas tree being erected outside the station - one of my favourites every year. And then, lo and behold, Christmas has hit Starbucks with the Christmas merchandise filling the shelves and toffee nut latte filling my stomach this morning! Do I love that drink or not? I am not really sure you know. It is SO sweet that sometimes, I can't drink anymore but there again, it is really part of my festive traditions and this morning kicked off the season well and truly for me!

Add into the mix, the Christmas markets opening in a few short weeks, my birthday and Ralph's too and you have a nice happy month full of things to look forward to. Go on, look around and see if I am not right! Let's hear it for November!!!!

On the scrapping front, Bellaboo has kept me smiling once again with its November "Fairytale in New York" kit. A dream. Really. Fantastic. Did not want it to end. Might have to get another kit. You might want to check it out here!

And I pulled out some of my favourite cold photos from the last years: our sugarmoon in Canada for a mini album, some town photos from last December when it appeared to have snowed but it was in fact just frozen fog (weird but gorgeous) and my favourite Christmas cookies.

I think I could have gone on and on with this kit - up there as one of my favourites (or do I say that every month?)

Here are my projects so far (still working on one last thing and I still need to come up with an inspiration card). But do go and check out the gallery for Libby's and Sarah's stuff - we all made such different things. And sorry to hear that Sarah is leaving us - enjoy your time with your family Sarah - all the very best...


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