Thursday, 4 December 2008

Or maybe that should be "Slower but Slower..."

Ever get the feeling you are swimming up stream, against the current and just as you pull a bit ahead, the water washes you back downstream? Boy, salmon have it hard!

Just as I clear stuff off my list, the things adding on to the top of the list make it ever longer! Guess it's that time of year. This is always silly season for us with loads of birthdays, celebrations, dinners, Christmas decorations, Advent, St Nikolaus, wedding anniversary, more bithdays, more dinners, Christmas parties, presents, Christmas Market, visits from home and then the grand finale of two Christmas dinners followed by...... peace!

I am not complaining (well maybe a little! ;-) - this is ME after all!) - it all gets done in the end even if Christmas cards arrive a little late and one or two presents are bought at the last minute! Or the last few years I hardly baked ANY Christmas Pl├Ątzchen (biscuits) - not EVEN my *world* famous Black Pepper Chocolate Cookies and let me tell you, these are a real winner! But it's a bit frantic and sometimes I wonder about moving some of those events to empty months at other times of the year. Why not celebrate my birthday in May for example, rather than November? Well, maybe not! And I must admit to always enjoying the family visits around this time of year when everyone wants to come over to visit the Christmas Markets. I rarely take the time to just enjoy the Christmas decorations or the markets around here - well you often don't if you see it every day do you? And it is great to just wander around Recklinghausen market which is so sweet and small or over to Essen which is huge in comparison and my top choice for photos

And while I am at it, I just want to say right here and now that I have HUGE admiration for all of those of you out there who have jobs, families, school activities and houses to run - HOW DO YOU MANAGE IT ALL???? I think you all do a fantastic job and I would love to know how you mange to keep on top of it all - suggestions welcome!

But let's get back to the main thing I wanted to write here. I just wanted to post a few projects that I have done recently to prove that I really DO sometimes sit down and scrap, even if the output is a little slow from time to time

First off, what about the Bellaboo Christmas kit, "Festive Funk". I was not quite as productive as usual even though the kit was adorable and fun and everything Liberty had planned it to be. I totally loved using it and hope to make at least another two or three projects using it over the next days so watch this space. But in the meantime, here are my contributions. And if youi love the kit as much as I do, (and let's face it, how could you NOT?) you can find it here.

More to follow later but the shower is calling and then I have to brave the wet grey day outside to go to work.


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