Monday, 15 October 2012

Inspired by quilting

The latest Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini-challenge is up and this time, we were asked to be inspired by quilting.

I recently participated in Clair's Stitching on Paper class and one of the prompts was also quilting so I had done a paper piecing patchwork design already (see my post here) so I wanted to try something different but familiar.

I went back to the design I did for Whimsical Musing #30 where we were to be inspired by the trendy geometrical shapes (here) and decided to take that white on white stitching and start from there.

Then rather than add the papers on top, I decided to cut out the centres of each shape and add the papers behind. Leslie tells me this is reverse appliqué. I made sure that there was a bit of dimension behind too so you get a sense of depth.

My October kit, Brighter, was the perfect combination of colours and patterns to give this a mismatched whimsical feel to it.

The stitching took a long time, but sitting in front of the TV, taking me time, it was just the slow down therapy I needed after some hectic days.

Having spent the last weeks packing and unpacking boxes I thought it was a good idea to try and participate in the Scrap Happy member LOAD this month - yes, I told you I was crazy! But to be honest, this bit of me time every day had done me the world of good ;-) I'm hoping for a full month of pages but I am not stressing about it - later in the month could be hard for me so we will see.

Why not have a go at being inspired by quilts - there's so many ways to take this and I know that the Master Forgers all went in different directions so do make sure you check them all out. Don't forget to share your creation over at the CKC Mr Linky (here).

Have a great Monday everyone!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Counterfeit Morphing Challenge

One of the great things about being a Counterfeit Master Forger is that there is a lot of fun going on behind the scenes. We are chatting the whole time, getting inspired from each other and several times a year we get to join in on some challenges - you know, we are a creative lot ;-)

So this one was all about taking inspiration and creating and then passing it on. We named ours the "Morphing Challenge" though you might also have heard about something similar with Chinese Whispers. All I can tell you is that it was a lot of fun and it went a long way from start to finish!

I hope you've made your way through the hop (I'm the last stop) and are coming to me from Margie's blog (here) but if not, I suggest you go back to the Counterfeit site and start there so you can see the full effect of where our inspiration took us!

Here's my take on Margie's take. I loved the wide strip across the middle and the diagonal design. The rest sort of developed!

Here's the whole list for you in case you get lost ;-)

Crystal**Inspiration Layout
Lisa   <<<<----  you are here
Hope you've enjoyed seeing our morph experience. Leave me a comment to let me know you were here (I love hearing from you!) and happy scrapping!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Counterfeit Kit Challenge October kit reveal blog hop

Welcome to the October Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog hop kit reveal.

If you've arrived here directly, I recommend you go back to the beginning of the hop over at the CKC site (here) so you don't miss out on any of the fun and inspiration. If you are here via the delightful fellow Brit Jemma (here) then you are on the right track and I'm glad you've stopped by. Leave me a message to let me know you were here and then go off and make up your kit!

This month's GD is Katie Scott which makes us all happy. Be sure to go and say hello to her too! 

Our inspiration kit this month is by Gossamer Blue and it's gorgeous! I know I say this every month but really, this month it's really lovely and I was lucky enough to have one  of the original papers in my stash which added to its appeal for me.

I loved the fact that it's so bright and colourful and it was time for me to make something a bit more along those lines. So I went for it including the name. This is a kit I'm going to love using!

As usual, I started with cardstock, picking out some colours and some neutrals. When I'm scrapping without a kit, I tend to only use neutrals so each month I challenge myself to try and work through some of the colours I have in my stash! They don't seem to be going down at all!

Then I started with the one sheet I had - the EP - and built up around that, picking out some colours which seemed to match the original as well as some with the same design feel. The multi-coloured stripes just shouted out to be included. I'm happy that I have a good mix of new and old in here as always.

Then I worked on the alphas and embellies, matching the items like for like pretty much and then adding in a few more for good measure. Again, I tried to keep the light, bright colours and added in some older items along with some brand new. I love that mix of ones and shapes and textures. Just what I needed after the muted colours of the last months (which I've loved too of course).

This kit is a little bigger than I've been making recently as the rest of my stash is now safely in boxes and this kit, along with the leftovers from the last few, are going to keep me going until I'm unpacked and settled back in to our new home. I think this will make me really happy.

So, next up is the very creative, inventive and all round talented Libeeti and here's the full list in case you get lost along the way.

Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to see what you create with this month's kit.


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