Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Heidi page

and once again, I am so late in doing this page! We were given the art challenge three weeks ago and have only just managed to think about pulling out some photos and putting the layout together!

Once I have decided to sit down and do it, it always comes together really quickly but I suppose am the ultimate procrastinator.

Anyway, we had to find 4 "fun" photos and 4 patterned papers so that 4 mini 6x6 layouts were made and then put together to make the whole. I am pleased with the end result but I am not sure if I would want to make the effort of making the four mini layout when one sheet of 12x12 is such a nice large canvas. However, its a really good way of using multiple papers and several photos so I guess it is an idea to add to the arsenal.

Of course, green just jumped out at me (like it does right now) but it was nice to bring in some more bluey greens to coordinate and I am really happy with the way the colours came together. Even the fact that the orange focused photo jumps out at you doesn't bother me, I like the flash of bright!

I then made more of an effort than before to decorate the calendar page and thought that the result of using all the same papers was really pretty. All in all, satisfied!

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  1. ashley4:50 am

    The calendar and layout look great together this month!! And I have to say I love your "hello isabella" layout. Sooo cute.. love the large printed transparency or acetate behind the main photo.


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