Friday, 11 January 2008

10th January "Get a LOAD of This" layout

Ha ha! Still managing to keep up - amazing!!!!!

This time, I prepared by drawing a sketch (inspired by a layout in a magazine) while I was at work with an idea for the layout, a title, the journalling and having a think about the photos.

When it came to it, it was not quite as I had planned, but having the ideas to begin with saved me SO much time! I wanted to use the new born jornalling 7Gypsies card to match the other two but I did not have space so I guess I will just have to do another layout!

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  1. Anonymous8:46 pm

    I love it!! i did one with those 2 photos and ralphs face just cracks me up! it's gorgeous and i cna't believe that little bundle is going to be 5 on sunday!


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