Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Different starting points

I'm doing an online class right now over at Big Picture Scrapbooking (Get Organised Be Inspired) and one of the tasks was looking at how we scrapbook - what is our method, what order do we do, what do we reach for first.

Each day we were to start at a different place and create a page given a specific "prescription".

Design first
Story first
Photo first
Product first
Tool or technique first

It has been really interesting so far (although I am not through them all yet!) as I STILL cannot say what I do on a regular basis - I think I might be a mix!

Anyway, you already saw the design first (Get a LOAD layout January 27th) but here are my story first and photo first. They are not brilliant layouts but once again, important to get the memory down and recorded. I am still playing around and trying things out - not always successfully!

I had written up my Joe story some months ago in rough and this was a good incentive to get it down on pretty paper at last - I love the story although I think you maybe had to be there to "get it"!

And I had printed out these self-portrait photos thinking I might use them for the Bellaboo Floral Frenzy kit but somehow they were not quite right so i quickly got them down on a layout as part of this photo first process.

I think that I mostly do the next process - product first - as most of the layouts I have been doing recently have been focused around a kit - either a Bellaboo one or one that I made up myself out of my own product. But I still have to do this process and then lastly, the tool or technique one.

By doing this, it should help us identify how it would be best to organise our product so that it aids us in the way we naturally work! Still trying to figure that one out but getting there.

How do you work?

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  1. Anonymous10:17 pm

    goodness, haven't got a clue! photo first probably. then maybe product. not tool or technique ever probably. that's a hard one and would stretch me if i had to go with one particular method.


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