Friday, 30 May 2008

Ok, own up... who stole that last month???

I mean, it can't be a whole month since I last updated my blog. It's just not possible! I think I must have entered some alien space time continuum where I am in some kind of 5-hour day parallel universe!

It was a busy month all things told with two trips to the UK and quite a lot of scrapping although I cannot share most of it with you! Bellaboo is keeping me really busy with crop kits, National Scrapbooking Day (check out their blog to see what fun we had over there!) and their fabulous monthly kits.

Yes, I know that I say this every month, but June's kit is a total must have - and don't forget that the May kit sold out in just 3 (yes you read that right) days.

You can find a sneak peek in the shop here and I think that it would be ok if I shared a few sneakies for you here. Let's just say that it was a joy to work with and I think I could have gone on and on and on...

And just to prove it is totally possible to complete three layouts in an afternoon here is what I accomplished in one afternoon using the great Rusty Pickle based NSD crop kit (pinks, grey and black sparkle just worked so well!)

When Libby and I are working on the crop kits, we are usually really strict and try to complete three layouts in three hours using ONLY the kit supplies (meaning, you can come along to a crop, purchase the crop kit and do not need anything else except the basics - knife, glue, ruler etc) but this time, I was a little slower - too much giggling and gossiping! - and used one or two things from my own supplies for the third layout here. Try challenging yourself to only using a certain amount of supplies and see how creative you can get! It works. There are a few of the NSD crop kits available here.

And as for my 12 on the 12th? Yes I did it, even if it is actually 12 on the 13th! I have the photos and the sketch for my layout - just need to get the two combined. Hopefully, this weekend.

In the meantime, it is hot and humid here in Germany which is not really my kind of weather (how I EVER lived in the Philippines I will never know!) so I will be taking things easy this weekend in an attempt to avoid "glowing". But have a great one whatever the weather and if you come across May in your travels, send it to me - I need those days back.

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  1. Anonymous8:27 pm

    your NSD kit projects are fab, and the june ones were all gorgeous too. :)


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