Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Yes, another project bites the dust (off my list - not literally!)!!!

Another Cleo project from the Bellaboo Birthday Bash all day crop.

It's all layering and stitching and girlie! Featuring Baby Sister... I love it! - ok so it took me HOURS but it was quite therapeutic for me. Lots going on over here and nice to switch off for a while!

I think I might be a stitching convert - I tried to do some in the Bellaboo October kit and found that I really enjoyed it and really like the texture and dimension it gives to the layouts. And the stitching round the ribbon at the bottom? Love that effect - expect to see that again!
Of course, it would not be MY layout if there was not a mistake - can you see? Yes, the journalling card should of course be coming out of the left hand side of the left hand photo and not peeking out in the middle of the layout - mmm, got to get to grips with my reverse gluing!

My only question... where do you store such bulky layouts? This will surely not fit in any page protector I have. Any suggestions?


  1. Anonymous10:55 pm

    lovely|!!! of course!!!! well done :) not sure I agree though......!

  2. Lib is mean :(

    Love the layout! xxx


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