Sunday, 1 February 2009

Shhh.. don't tell Ralph

Love is most definitely in the air!

It's February.

Such a lovely month - I really do not really like January so I always welcome February in with open arms. It is still usually another great wintery month as far as weather goes and yet, the days really start getting noticeably longer, and it's nice and short too! And true to form, we woke up this morning to bright blue skies and a smattering of snow crystals everywhere (can't really call it proper snow)

Four short weeks until March which can be such a gentle spring like month.

Yes, I like February a lot.

And of course, it is really a month of love with Valentine's day right in the middle. And this year, Valentine's day is extra special for me as I am going to go to the UK for a whole week to catch up with everyone and everything. A whole week! By car! Exciting stuff. I haven't been "home" now for almost 5 months and it feels like a long time so I am looking forward to having some time amongst family and Libby's scrapping supplies! ;-)

Of course, this does mean that I will not be "home" with Ralph on Valentine's day (well only until 8am!) so I need to prepare ahead and make some love notes to leave behind for him.

I do not know if you remember last February? The Bellaboo kit made me catch my breath it was so full of scrumptiousness. I literally fell in love with that kit and made lots of romantic layouts full of emotion and tenderness. So I was really interested to see if Libby could top it with this year's. And you know what? She did!

This year's "Be Still My Beating Heart" arrived on Thursday and I was immediately bowled over by the pinks, browns, creams and overall soft feeling of the kit. I know that I could use it for all sorts of topics on my layouts but feel sure somehow that I will end up limiting it to mostly schmulzy stuff about me and my man!

To start things off, I created a little mini-book that I will give to him instead of a card. I love it. The Maya Road mini-book was perfect as it has 6 pages and I wanted to do something featuring our 10 years together. One page per year and then a front and back cover - perfect. Keeping it simple and just using a similar design on each page and a tiny photo of the two of us, it came together really quickly.

I have loads more ideas of what to do with this kit, but I am running a bit late so you will have to check back in again to see what else I have created!

And I am sure that I do not need to tell you that this one is going to sell out fast (if it has not already) so I suggest you get on over to Bellaboo (kits here) and nab yourself one. NOW!

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