Thursday, 16 April 2009

One For The Boys...

Bellaboo did it again this month, producing the most fabulous boy inspired kit for April.

I have had a lot of fun rummaging through some old pics of my little brother (should read enormously tall these days brother) Joe from when he was an adorable little boy! Can you believe that he ate this whole rack of ribs??? Well worth a layout I think!
This one was about him when I left the UK so he would have been 13 and he got into the car I was about to drive over to Germany. Mum and I looked at each other and we both thought what a scary idea it was to think of Joe behind the wheel of a car! Now of course, he is 20 and actually has his own car and I still find this scary but I hear that he is a very careful driver so I suppose I should be happy...

And look at these two adorable little ones! Hard to believe that this is so many years ago now - need to confirm with mum but I think it would be 1991 or 1992. Makes me feel SOOOOO OLD!

Of course, no boy kit would be complete without featuring little Cam - our star! I decided to get the sewing machine out and get creative with scraps. I honestly used every little last scrap with this and now have nothing bigger than half a square inch pieces left which i think is not really much use! I really feel like I made the most of this kit and as ever, it went on and on and on! I still have loads of the embellishments left which makes these kits such good value.

And here are the guys pummelling the cans at the fair - so much testosterone! Even Ted managed really well and won himself a "fabulous" pencil! He is very proud of this win :-)

The kit was so versatile that it lended itself to so many more ideas than just boy projects and I decided to tie it in with the third assignment on my journaling class - telling the story behind the picture. This is one of the very first photos of me and R when we first met more than 10 years ago (yes, we both look VERY young and VERY much slimmer!). Who would have guessed looking at this that 10 years later, here I would be living in Germany and loving it! At that time, I thought I would be going back to the Philippines or somewhere equally as far away.

There was a sweet little Jenni Bowlin mini-book in the kit and I decided to make myself a little inspiration book to store all my ideas for layouts. I divided it into four sections for stories about us, people, places and things (รก la Library of Memories) and it turned out so sweet - I adore it. It is sitting here on my desk and I can't wait to actually start listing ideas and stories.

So, if you have not got yours yet, you better go over to Bellaboo and grab one before they sell out.

Yipee, it's Friday again tomorrow - Happy weekend!


  1. Anonymous10:01 pm

    your layouts are all gorgeous, as are the boys in your life! i love your mini-book idea. that's fab I may have to copy it!!

  2. Fabulous layouts. And the book - I have something similar in the very early stages.


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