Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Random thoughts from a train

Just wanted to start off this post with a wonderful November photo - taken today. I am learning to love November (contrary to popular thought) and find pictures like this spectacular. There is a lot of beauty around us this month - you just have to look for it.

I know that Libby, in particular, dislikes the overuse of the word "random" that seems to be rather popular at the moment. But here I am with time to reflect and you know how your brain starts to wander in situations like this - random right?

1. Thinking about the new "one little word" for next year. I have a need to move into a more stuctured, organised way of living and am trying to find the right word that is short yet description and which sums up everything I mean with that. Suggestions welcome.

Just some of the reasons why:

a) I remember birthdays but don't seem to get even a card into the post (sorry to all of those missed birthdays this year - Geraldine, Wendy, Lisa etc etc - you all know who you are).
b) I have lists of things to do in my mind but never get to write them down and often forget half of them.
c) I am full of inspiration but find it hard to know where to start.
d) I only work part-time, but never seem to have *time* to do the things that I want or even need to get done.
e) I am bored by my own cooking.
f) I never seem to be on top of the housework or especially, the ironing.
g) I am constantly tired. This can't be normal. (mothers? how do you manage?)
h) I start projects and find them months (or sometimes years) later, abandoned and unfinished.

2. I want to update the blog. Trying to think how. Trying to think of a new name. It needs a face lift.

3. Travelling through really beautiful countryside right now along the banks of the Rhine travelling south. This is Schloss (castle) country and it's fantastic to see these castles and ruins sitting high on the hills either site of the river. Must have been perfect fortress positioning in the days. There are some pretty impressive sights but it's a grey, misty, wet, dreary day with limited visibility. Worth taking a photo? Not really but it really adds great atmosphere to the view from the train window.

4. I have a rather odd man sitting next to me here who keeps looking over at what I am typing. I understand that when you have paid for your reserved seat on the train, you want to use it and feel like you have got your money's worth but the carriage is practically empty. And he's sitting here. Next to me. Invading my space. Why?

5. About 90 mins ago, a building caught my eye next to the rails. Just a normal building with an advert painted on the side but it just grabbed my attention. I was a little puzzled for a moment until I realised I was travelling past the Daimler Sprinter factory where I used to teach - memories flooded back. I still miss those lessons!
    6. 2009 is almost over. 2010 is at the door. What happened to the first decade of this new century?

    7. There are only 5 shopping weekends left until Christmas (insert silent scream here).

    8. I haven't done any scrapping at all for a month, yet I have lots and lots of new products. This is very, very wrong...

    9. Remember this from the January Bellaboo kit (featured here)?

    Can you see how cleverly I have disguised the fact that this is a project that never got finished off (please refer back to point 1 in this list!) and have updated it? Sneaky, aren't I??

    What is going through your head today?


    1. Anonymous9:10 pm

      point 1a is interesting as I have not been able to fit in getting a card and posting it to you just yet. i feel awful, but there you go, i haven't done it. so we're not all perfect! i do have a PILE of presents wrapped up and ready to go though. if you do find the way of living a more organised life, do tell. although my ironing is clear, the house is tidy, the fridge is full, homework done, drinks and nibbles for friday organised. jut the small matter of packing for our holiday now!

    2. Crikey, not bad for some random thoughts. And I identify with so many. As an example, your card, dear friend, is still in my head at the moment, but going to a mini crop tonight, so planning on doing it there. But, it WILL be late.

      The house is usually clean, but rarely completely tidy. The ironing is overflowing, even though I pay the resident teenager to do it! The inspiration, the unwritten, then forgotten lists, they're all here.

      I have to ask, when I was in Germany, every meal seemed to have a fried egg on top of it. Is that normal? Or particular to the family I was with, or the area that they lived? Just wondering...


    I love comments! Thanks for taking the time. <3 <3 <3


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