Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Teenager in the house (or installment 1)

Warning! Photo heavy posts following including excessive use of the Hipstamatic (we've been having lots of fun!)

I've had busy times around here the last few weeks which has interrupted my creative endeavours.

So for the next couple of posts, I will showcase some of the highlights of the last few weeks. And anyway, I've got nothing scrappy to share - the only thing I have managed is two layouts that were magazine commissions so I can't share those anyway and I forgot to take sneak peek photos!

So, on we go with installment 1...

My {no longer such a} baby brother is visiting...

... as he has the last three summers to earn some pocket money, practice his German and enjoy some local sightseeing.

This has taken up the last few weekends on my side and means that the time has not really been available for my usual weekend activity of either doing nothing at all or scrapbooking!

But we've had a lot of fun and seen some new sights along the way.

Duisburg - well this would have been more exciting if the sight we had gone to see had actually been built.

Who could resist Magic Mountain/Tiger Turtle - yes, it really is called that! This ...

** Photo from internet

is what we were hoping to see.

We appear to have been about 4 months too early - but this is where it WOULD have been and this is what we got  ...

The next weekend was more successful adding another few points to our Industry Culture Route repertoire (I have talked about the route many times before and I am trying to work through all or at least most of the sights on the route - Ted and I have managed a total of 9 out of 25 "anchor points" and 2 out of 15 "panorama points" so far)!

It started off taking in the Lindenbrauerei which is a light art collection housed in an old brewery which was really interesting. Each artist chose the area or room they wanted to house their installation and so the space was as much the art as the lights themselves.

We were not allowed to take photos of the pieces but Ted snuck in this one at the very beginning.

There was also a sort of pinhole camera structure with an opening to the sky which then beamed and projected the image of the sky down into the building - this photo is the hole in the ceiling and I love the fact it looks so mysterious.

Next up was Maximillian Park with the largest elephant in the world which has been build on top one of the old mining buildings. Maximillian the Elephant was more impressive on the outside than the inside but we had some silly fun going around it and around the park it's in.

The park included a butterfly house which I was surprised to realise that I had never done before...

Are you excited to see what other adventures we've had? Watch this space for more!

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