Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Day 2 - Create Free

Well, true to form, I didn't manage to get day 1 done of Create Free yesterday. I wanted to. Honestly. And again today.

But the instructions called for fabric scraps and that just threw me. I don't have any - at all. And I used to design and make dresses for a living! The shame of it! I just couldn't believe that I didn't have anything to speak of at all. And I don't want to buy any specially. But me? No fabric? Hard to believe but true.

So I fished around and spent all my available time getting a small pile of possible items to use for the embellishment on the cover.

I aim to get to that tomorrow!

But I did manage today's assignment which was to put together the basic inside pages. Good job I had chosen and printed out the photos on Sunday or it would never have happened - LOL.

I have chosen some really old CC papers from the Gretchen and Wanted ranges. The Gretchen papers formed the basis of the very first Bellaboo kit which I helped to put together and I had bought an extra one so it was a great opportunity to use it - I still adore these papers and the Wanted papers were a good match so that I have different papers on each page. I have all the other elements from the kit to use as embellishments which will be great.

I LOVE using up old stash like this - makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...

And I even used my rather underused Cricut to cut out the shaped elements which will be used later in the book - again - good feeling to use it again.

And you don't get any prizes for guessing that I would use 7 favourite photos from our (still) incredible Yukon adventure back in 2007! It was a no brainer for me.

So, onto the cover for tomorrow then!


  1. Glad you managed to get started today. I love the papers you've chosen, the colours are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your cover!!!

  2. no fabric? no way... love what you're doing


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