Monday, 29 November 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like....


I love this time of year and today brought on our first real snow which always makes me feel like a child again, pressing my nose against the window and wishing that I could go outside and make snow angels without the neighbours thinking I am completely mad!

So, what has been going on round here the last weeks?

Well, there were two of these in the last week...

And I was spoilt with lots of...

And plenty of these, all of which were so carefully chosen and were totally perfect...

Can you see the Prima flowers? And the ribbon flowers? And the shadow, display box that I had so admired on Libby's blog? Yep, all mine!

My mum was over to visit for the weekend and we had a lot of fun.

Christmas market season is officially open so first stop: Dortmund for a Gl├╝hwien

A wander round to admire the lights

Dinner at the newly modernised Duisburg Innenhafen (harbour) at Mongo's which is our new favouirte place to go - Mongolian BBQ. Scrummy!

And then we rounded the weekend off by baking cookies! A good German tradition but something I haven't done with my mum for more years than either of us care to remember! I don't think I had even hit my teens the last time ;-)

Of course, all this means no scrapping for several weeks. I think the last thing I created was way back at the beginning of November for my BPC class - Colour! or is it Color? by Nic H which is just wonderful but I am way behind. I did manage the first and second week and was rather pleased with myself for my yellow week:

I think that I'm caught up now. Is it me or has somebody stolen the last few weeks? How prepared are you for Christmas (gulp!)?


  1. Love your photos! I adore the one of you baking. Very fun post!! Lovely layout!

  2. I have awarded you the Stylish Blog Award over at my blog. Feel free to play along, but do not feel obligated in any way. I just love spreading the wealth to the blogs that I love to read and draw inspiration from. my blog

  3. I love your little forest of trees with their lights, especially now with the snow on them. It's definitely beginning to look like - winter!
    So good to see your pics of you baking, and you and your mum.
    Christmas... as you say, gulp. BUT I am planning on being calm and prepared - and blogging is helping me with that..

  4. Anonymous9:21 pm

    love the LO, lovoe the photos, will get around to doing the blog thing, oh and have you EVER baked cookies with mum???!

    very jealous that i'm not there this december :(

    oh and soz but I am very calm, and very prepared! lol xx

  5. Hi! Found you through Debbie's blog. How've you been since LOAD? Beautiful layout :)


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