Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Top 5 Projects (2010 in Review pt 5)

2010 wasn't really a busy year for me as far as non-scrapbooking projects went. Or so I thought. 

I did try to make cards (and I made quite a few actually) but still think I have a long way to go on that creativity. And there were a few older projects that I finished off - some years after I had originally started them (here or here or here) and I loved that feeling of completing something that had been sitting around, unloved, unfinished for so long. 

Again, when I look back, there are lots of smaller things that I made over the 12 months but really, I was so busy with scrapbooking, that they slip into the background. So in the spirit of highlighting those projects that particularly appeal to me, here are my top 5 of the year.

1. Valentine's Day card. This was inspired by something I saw online if I remember rightly and was so pleased with the result. It took me ages because working on such a small scale is really hard for me but it was worth it.

2. My December Journal. Ok, so in reality, I completed it this month, but I did a lot of the leg work in December and started it on time. Although it's a bit of a disaster (!!!!), I still love it - proof of a relaxed, enjoyable Christmastime 2010.

3. Photo A Day albums. I have been taking photos more of less every day since January 2007 and have been trying to find a way to showcase those I choose to represent the day. I had various ideas and this one won out. These two albums are not perfect and I learnt a lot about how I want to do them other years but I still like the format and the concept. I will get around to making them for every year - just a matter of time!

4. Halloween banner and decorations. I had great fun this year pepping up my Halloween decorations and using up some of the wonderful papers and bits and pieces I have lying around. I loved the results. 

5. Anniversary card. I was pleased with this card which took me a long time but came out even better than I had envisaged. 7 years is copper so I used a lot of of copper wire and kept the rest simple. 

My heart will always be with scrapbooking, but sometimes it's great to step off the page and try different things. I have a list in my head of things I want to try this year including improving my card-making. Deb is so inspirational and I want to learn from her and join in some of her challenges.

What about you? What off the page projects do you want to try in 2011?


  1. Anonymous5:32 pm

    lovely projects there! far more productive than me. wish i could organise myself to sort my photos like you :)

  2. What a productive 2010,you really have done a lot of other things.
    I love your cards,very original especially the Anniversary card.It would be good to see you taking part in some challenges.

  3. My goodness, I don't know how you manage to fit it all in! Love the delicacy of that copperwork ...


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