Friday, 11 March 2011

Secret scrapping

Usually, after LOAD I go into scrapping hibernation for a week or two, unable to work without the challenge of "having" to do a layout.

And there is really something in it. It's quite difficult to actually just get up and make something - for the fun of it.

This time, though, I had to get back into it as I had a couple of magazine commissions (The Scrapbook Magazine) and out came the paper and glue once again.

I suppose, it's also a type of challenge, working to a specific guideline regarding topic or product and maybe that's why it works so well for me.

Anyway, they won't be featured for a month or two so I can't show you the whole thing but here are some sneaks.

It's so thrilling for me to see my work published in the magazine and I love it when Liberty and I are featured in the same issue (sometimes even in the same article!). I really ought to spread my wings a bit and try some other magazines, but for now it's just so great to be part of a British publication - connects me to home in some way.

And here is my reward to myself for finishing LOAD and for getting the commissions done on time.

Yes, I had a little splurge and treated myself to my favourite of all the pre-CHA sneaks - For the Record from Echo Park, as well as a few single sheets from Glitz, a few embellishments (finally got hold of the TH film strip) and some kraft cardstock as I seem to be going through that at quite a rate!

Now to get back to scrapping just for me...


  1. Like the look of the sneak peek, the colours are gorgeous. Love off the record, went to order it but Libby had the last one,lol.xxxx

  2. Your sneak peeks are lovely - great texture and love the colours. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. :)

  3. Love the sneak peaks Lisa. I hope to see the finished pieces. I just got For The Record the other day. I have to find someway to use it soon. I have been busy with a few BPC classes and am really enjoying them.

  4. That is so cool! I didn't know you did published things~ I can believe it because you are *brilliant*.

    I love the sweet little peeks and seeing that whole delicious kit. I love it when one shows up on my porch and I pour it all out. It is like a special present of yummy eye candy?

    Miss visiting~ I need to catch up each week with you!

  5. Very pretty. I love the dimension. And did I spot things that were possibly cut by hand? :)


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