Sunday, 15 January 2012

Counterfeiting for a purpose

My scrapbooking start to the New Year has felt a little difficult and I'm wondering if my mojo had too many mince pies and has gone off to recover.

But whenever this happens, I always find that challenges (and deadlines) can get me back on track a little. So it was ideal that the Counterfeit Kit Challenge mini-challenge #1 was scheduled for us to complete this week. If you haven't checked the prompt out, you can find it {here} and it's all about resolutions.

I gave up resolutions as such back in 2007 and instead switched to my One Little Word and a few goals for the coming year. Things to work on or improve or to think about. While I document my OLW, I rarely put down the goals on paper. Even though I'm pretty goal oriented, I noticed that this wasn't really working. And then back in February, Pam posted a layout during LOAD that grabbed my attention right away. It was a list of things that she wanted to do before her next birthday. So 27 things before her 28th birthday to be precise. I loved this concept and was thrilled to see her next layout appear soon after her November birthday with the next list. I decided I needed to steal this idea and make my own list. I didn't manage to get around to it right away, so this CKC challenge was a perfect excuse to put pen to paper and come up with my list.

Now I'm a *bit* older than Pam so my list was a *bit* longer than hers and it's amazing how difficult it was to come up with a mix of items that would be fun, useful and manageable by November. But after a few days of tweaking, deleting, editing and adding, I came up with *cough cough* 44 activities and goals for the next months. I recognised from Pam's list that it would be much better to put "12 x something" rather than "do something every month" and to leave some things vague while others are much more specific. I think I've come up with a great jumble of ideas and projects that will encourage me to plan more, get out of the house more and think of others more as well as concentrating on completing some aims for myself. I think that when I combine this with my OLW, I might be able to stay on track and end the year with a smile on my face. When I look at what Pam packs into her year, my list should be attainable ;-)

Not only did I lift her idea, I also lifted her title and even some of my list :-) True counterfeiting at its best methinks! :-) (Oh, and I checked with her and she didn't mind in the slightest!)

Everything on the layout is from my January kit, Resolve, and I love the way I was able to mix the products and colours up to create something that I wasn't expecting when I first put the kit together. And that is the fun of CKC, isn't it?

Um, yes, the photo is horribly goofy but it was the only one that was even the slightest bit acceptable that I had of me in the last few months. I didn't even have one from my birthday ;-(

Do you have any resolutions, goals or general ideas for what you'd like to achieve this year? And have you chosen your One Little Word yet? New year, new beginnings....


  1. Huh, I just wrote a beautifully worded comment (ahem!), which blogger, in it's wisdom, decided to drop off the face of the internet, by sending me to set up a new blog(!) when I was just trying to select my profile - or, was it just user error?

    Anyway, back to the comment...

    Such a good idea to have a list of goals. And even if they are not all completed, which I'm sure they will be(!), you will have done some cool new stuff. Yes, I peered at your list with my *old* eyes xx

  2. This is just wonderful. And I'm definitely stealing your idea of the two sets of flags - so fun and festive - waving in the New Year. 'Cause one good scraplift deserves another - I've pinned this one!

  3. What a thoughtful layout to move you forward into the new year! I'm hopeless with resolutions, but I am being inspired by all you clever counterfeiters

  4. Wonderful thoughtful page - I did a 21 things about me when I was 51 - but I think I prefer the "things to do before" format as it gives shape to the year so that it doesn't drift by!
    Love the stitched flags at the top - going to steal that idea for myself!! TFS ;o)

  5. I think this is the perfect way to start 2012 and I love the idea of making lists of things to do based on your age. Sigh...must do that too! And beautiful embellishment cluster with the flags and tag!

  6. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Third attempt at a comment - but that's me not blogger! Love the stitching detail and the loopy string - and also your list. This is a great way to start the year - I love that you've got lots of variety and things that you can tick off!

  7. Pretty page...definitely a "Lisa" one! I haven't participated in OLW, although I did come up with a word last year to keep me focused which was "calm" and this year's word is "publish." By the way, I had no idea you were 44. Thought you were at least ten years younger :)

  8. Great LO....this is very pretty!!


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