Friday, 11 May 2012

Pennant flags

After me saying that I never made my own embellishments, I have another mini-tutorial to share.

Although these little flags are SO easy to make, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how to make them.

But just in case you've seen these little embellishments around and haven't thought about making them yourself I can assure you that they only take a couple of minutes and are super easy - just use the scraps you have lying around or even better, use up some bits from the papers you are using on your layout to make them match perfectly.

The ones in the SC kit that I counterfeited (see my kit here) were kraft flag pins from Maya Road so I decided just to grab a bit of kraft paper and have a go.

1. I cut a handful of strips - some 3" by 1" and some 2 1/2" by 3/4" and sort out a few floristry pins that I keep in my pin collection as well as some standard cocktail sticks.

2. I scored each of the strips down the middle because the card was quite stiff, but if you used normal paper, this might not be necessary.

3. I then used a wet glue (a glue stick would be best but I just didn't have any) and wrapped the card around the pin or the stick. I slid the card up to the pin head so that it popped out of the top but with the sticks, I kept the pointed end inside the fold. Just hold onto it for a few seconds to make sure it has stuck and sort of squeeze the card onto the pin/stick.

4. I just made a few cuts on the end of the flags - three of each design.

5. And then I decorated them up a bit with twine, string, words and a tiny bit of TH negative strip.


Now I just have to use them!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. These are great Lisa - I use parcel paper for mine, but I love the extra embellishing you've done.

  2. Really cute. Love them!

  3. These are wonderful with your cute embellishments. You are on a roll here!

  4. They are indeed lovely! And I wanted to thank-you for your lovely, lovely mail art which came yesterday - I'll be blogging about it tomorrow. :) Just gorgeous!

  5. Smacking my forehead over the variety of shapes and the yummy detailing - just beautiful!?


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