Sunday, 12 May 2013

For the love of books

Do you read? I know many of you do. And when you were little, did you read too?

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog is asking this question and wanting you to think back to way back when for their latest challenge and to be inspired by favourite children's books.

I started off by making a list of books I could remember and then went on to Amazon and eBay to check out a few that I wasn't exactly sure of the title (promptly making a wish list of vintage books to pick up for myself at some point!) Then I looked for a story, followed by thinking about my reading habits. After browsing through some photos, there were a few that caught my eye.

Sleepovers with my (then) baby sister surrounded by my bookshelves full of much loved favourites.

It all came together from there, trying out a new type of design that I've been seeing a lot around the web. Not altogether sure about it but I love this page all the same - these looks back to the past are some of my very favourite pages.

This page is LO#7 from my May Counterfeit kit, Excursion

I haven't done a 12x18 layout for a long time and it's always perfect for when I have a lot to say

I didn't give any thought to the colours in the photo which most definitely class with the backgrounds. But the white cardstock really neutralises a lot of that

I've used the photos before - at least once if not more. But there's always another way to take the story and was really pleased that my books were in view in both photos.

this was a real trip down memory lane for me and I'm looking forward to getting back to reading once my new reading glasses are ready next week. He he!

What were your favourites as a child? Where will you take this inspiration?


  1. I love your layout, Lisa. The layering under the opposite corners make the photos jump out and the journalling on your 12x6 is such a great idea :)

  2. I've been working on a page about children's books for a new project this really caught my eye. I think it's beautiful!

  3. Just lovely ... I really like your block of text with the photos opposite it, and the layered look is a great contrast to the simple lines on the left. Lovely ...

  4. This really is stunning. I'm about to start a project of going through my parent photo albums, I'm sure to find just the right one for this project

  5. Love your page Lisa - love the sweet airy gentle feeling that you've created here. And all that journaling - wow! I'll have to cast my memory back to early memories of books too. It's a great subject for a scrapbook page.

  6. Lovely page, and great way to include lots of journalling

  7. love the clean feel of this and the added trims and small embells make it just diffing into my own kit and so I haven't created a thing yet!


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