Thursday, 24 July 2014

Counterfeit Kit Challenge July member blog hop

Good morning. Happy to see you here.

Hopefully, you've arrived here to join in on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop. I'm kicking it off this month and when you're done here, please go on and say hello to Tina (here) to see what she's got to share!

This time around, the three challenges were were given were:
  • Challenge #1 - Triangles: Use at least 5 triangles on your project - you can see my layout here
  • Challenge #2 - 3 Techniques: Combine 3 techniques (or more) - you can see my layout here
  • Challenge #3 - Create a Panel Card: Try a unique card on a panel design
Having already done challenges 1 & 2, it just made sense to continue by completing the panel card too.

Bethany found this great tutorial by Hero Arts which very clearly shows what is meant by a "panel card". I hadn't heard of one before but it proved to be simple, fast and a lot of fun. In essence, the back of the card is just a panel which holds the smaller, mini card on the front. Fun, huh?!?

Because I have two kits this month (Sunshine & Relax) I decided to run off a card from each kit, grabbing a few products and just going for it! I kept mine super simple and easy and will no doubt be making this style again. I left the insides blank so that they can be used for any occasion.

As ever, I apologise for the rather dodgy photography - very blue toned even though I tried to fix that! Anyway, the whites are normal whites in real life!

Why not give panel cards a go? Or any of the Counterfeit challenges, in fact. Don't forget to share over at the Mr Linky (here).

Now, off you go to see Tina and here's the whole list in case you get lost along the way!


  1. I gave up on the panel cards but your rocked it Lisa.
    Love that Dream Big sentiment and your use of the frames on the Good Times card :)

  2. Both are great cards - what a sweet frame.
    Cindy F

  3. Loving the layers.

  4. Wow, gorgeous cards. Love them..Jx

  5. Totally adore your mini rosette - I am scraplifting this little embelli! Funny how just changing the scale to a smaller card (on the larger background) really changes the way you think about the card altogether...

  6. Beautiful cards and nicely done on both

  7. Both cards look wonderful.I'm sure the recipients will love them.

  8. Very beautiful cards..great job

  9. Haven't tried the panel card yet, but they intrigue me. The touches on the corner(s) of the panel, tie it all together. Love the rosette. Had a bit from that collection last year. Was my favorite of the moment.

  10. Very nice - two for the price of one!

  11. That's a lovely use of frames, especially patterned ones. You have set my mind a-spinning!

  12. Cute cards Lisa!

  13. Gorgeous cards - great job!


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