Thursday, 6 July 2017

Counterfeit Kit Challenge July mini kit reveal

I expect that you're surprised to see another post here on the blog, making three posts in less than a week. Fluke or intention you may ask. More fluke I'm afraid. I mentioned on my Counterfeit Kit Challenge reveal on Saturday that I hadn't needed to make a full kit this month so that post was unexpected. Then the Forgeries on the Fourth post on Tuesday should have just been a share on the main blog. But as I had my usual ups and downs, I had to write a full post. 

And here we are to the scheduled post for my mini-kit reveal.

Regardless, I hope you've enjoyed the extra material and you never know, I might even continue to post more regularly, I am woefully behind on all sorts of posts - I need to share my Scrapabilly kit shares, my Simple Scrapper Creative Team layouts and also my 17 loves. Let's see...

In the meantime, my mini-kit...

Here's the original inspiration kit - Cocoa Daisy August 2016 kit, "Walden Pond". Find all the details here.

I thought that I'd like to make a kit for some cards and when my eyes fell on my overflowing scrap box, I decided it was time for action.

I attacked it with a vengeance, clearing out the papers I really didn't want and sorting those into donations for my niece or the (pink) round file. 

Then I picked out a bunch of scraps in the colours (yellow, green, blue, red) and approximate patterns (spots, small florals, spots, repeating pattern, stripes) which I thought would work well for the smaller canvas of cards.

I haven't given this kit a name because I did give one to my main kit but here it is. 

I added in a selection of mini die cuts, some left over puffy stickers and a few other random bits and pieces that caught my yes and then added in the Pinkfresh Studio alphabet that featured in the original Cocoa Daisy kit. 

As a last thought, I also added in some cut apart elements from Crate Paper although they didn't really match the original.

The forged card bases that featured in my Forgeries on the Fourth post make an appearance in my kit and were immediately finished off with a few words, some enamels (added to the kit) and die cut pieces. 

And then I just took the papers, cut them up and layered them all on top of each other to make really super simple, quick and easy cards. Some twine and doilies might also have found their way into the kit! 

Within an hour or so, I had finished 12 cards which will be so useful to have on hand.

And what about my scrap box now? I think it's fair to say that inroads have been made but much more needs to be done. My niece now has an oversized pizza box ready to receive and this is what I decided I needed to keep...

But there... in the corner... I can see the bottom of the box so I call that a success. So many pretty papers, I really have to get them used up.

If you make a mini kit this month, or are inspired to make some cards with your CKC kit, don't forget to share. We love to see what our followers are making!


  1. Genius idea to raid your scrap box! What a full and luscious mini kit they gave you too. And it only took you over an hour to make 12 cards?? I might need some lessons from you :)

  2. This idea of going through the scrap box for a mini kit is genius! Mine is definitely out of control...I think I might try this. Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  3. Kudos on tackling your scraps box to make up a kit for cards . . . and a standing ovation for actually getting those cards made. It's no surprise that even your scraps have lots of lovely bits.

  4. The takeaway for me is layering up the cards to MAKE cards! What a quick process with such FAB results! Really wonderful idea, especially as it got you to "the bottom of the barrel" so to speak!


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