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Counterfeit Kit Challenge January kit reveal blog hop

It's 2016! Welcome to the New Year. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for this brand new year and hope that it brings you much happiness. I, for one, have high hopes for 2016 and look forward to what it will be.

However, no doubt you are here for the new Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit and if you have arrived here via Leslie's blue box of wonder then you are on the right lines. If not, jump back to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog to start at the beginning and catch the whole blog. Margie is up next and the full list can be found at the end of the post in case you get lost along the way!

We are kicking off the new year with a planner kit to inspire us. This doesn't mean we've all changed into planner girls - although some of those gorgeous planners out there are sure appealing! - but we are just using one of the planner kits to help us build our scrapping kits for January.

The Planner Society Kit Club kits by Scarlet Lime are offered as a starting point and any of them are fair game. Try checking out some of these links April, May and June KitsJuly KitAugust Kit VideoSeptember Kit VideoOctober Kits

I decided to go with the December kit which appealed because of its bright, fresh colours and non-seasonal feel. Here's what it looked like! Lots of exclusive items so I needed to get creative with my product selection.

I decided to approach this a little differently than usual and this will give me some direction and focus for my kits in the next few months, but first of all, let me show you my January kit, Rekindle. I know it doesn't look much like the original, but if you keep reading, you will see how I got there!

You might remember me saying at the end of last year that I was struggling to use up the kits I make each month - mostly because I make HUGE kits and also because I'm not as prolific as I used to be. I'm also aware that I use a lot of new products which is lovely but means that my older items are still sitting on my shelves, unloved and forgotten!

This year I'm determined to do better at enjoying both the older and newer products and getting the most out of my kits. So the first thing I have decided is that I will limit myself to 5 papers plus one specialty paper if one catches my eye. And I will always have at least two old(er) sheets.

For Rekindle, I looked at the inspiration kit and saw that there were two floral papers - one small and one large, there were pinks and blues and reds, lots of frames, a sheet of paper that could be fussy cut, paper clips, veneer, washi, a stamp, tabs and stickers. I decided to go with the starting point of two floral papers (from vintage BasicGrey Infuse - one of my all time favourites) and then I added a stripe, a blotchy spot and a frame printed sheet in an aqua which goes well with the stripe in shades of pink, red and blue. For my paper clips, I added a gold foiled acetate from the Memorandum collection. And that's it! I'm interested to see how this limitation of papers will work for me!

Then I went through the embellishments and matched them up by item and then colours to match my papers. Again, I've made a decision to always add some random, older items into the mix to encourage me to use them up.

So, here are frames - both card and veneer, a veneer shape which is just hanging around and a pink washi tape. I keep all my die cut shapes and cardstock left overs in a tin and I intend to pull out some items each month for my kit - this half clock seemed to match my colours perfectly.

I also saw that vintage price tag and some smaller items which could add to the vintage mix. I've included several alphabets in large and small to use up - very limited letters so I need to get creative. And a small stamp to remind me to use up some tools too from time to time.

I found some tabs in my die cut tin which are a nice colour contrast and those mini envelopes were some I bought last year at Paper Source where Lynnette took us when we met up. Time to use them up.

I've also decided that every kit will have some pocket page cards because I have quite the collection and still no Project Life to be seen! I mixed up some from different manufacturers and collections.

And there you have it. My "rules" for the next few months and my reduced size kit which will hopefully yield around three layouts and get some much neglected stash used up.

  1. Five papers plus one specialty or "just because" sheet
  2. At least two older papers
  3. Die cut and chipboard tin to be used every month
  4. Older partially used alphas to use up
  5. Pocket page cards to be included
  6. Remember to include stamps or other tools
  7. Add in some "random" items to see how they inspire
  8. Keep it small

Sounds like a plan to me! What do you think? Have you set any rules for your own kit making for the new year? Do you think I'm going to be successful?!? Let me know in the comments.! :-)

Here's the blog list in case you get lost along the way, but next up is Margie - can't wait to see what she's done with these planner kits!


  1. Great idea to have a reduced size kit ... mine is very small this month. I love your rules too.
    Happy New Year x

  2. Love your new formula idea - what a great way to make sure you're using up key supplies. The paper clip paper is perfect for a kit based on a planner kit and it gives you a pretty gold touch and a bit of whimsy too. I might start making PL cards a regular addition to my kits too. I can't seem to resist buying them but I haven't worked on PL in a very long time. Happy New Year!

  3. I immediately spotted the iconic florals and frames that tie your kit into the inspiration kit. And I'm truly impressed with your set of rules - good luck on following them. I think smaller kits are sometimes better than larger ones, and you know I like your approach on the PL cards. But most of all, I'm wondering how long you can keep up the single word kit names. ;-)

  4. How fun that we used the same kit for inspiration! I love that your kit is smaller, and uses older products as well-I am trying to do the same, but I have found that I can really only put in a couple of the older things or my kit doesn't interest me as much.

  5. First of all, let me say, I am really excited to see what you come up with as with this kit, I see a departure from what I would normally recognize as "Lisa"

    Secondly I wish you the best of luck in keeping kits small. Somehow, mine just keep on growing as I "add as needed"

    I am looking forward to another wonderful year, scrapping with you and the design team members and other CKC members. You all are my home gals.

  6. I admire your willpower! Love your kit and especially that paperclip paper.Your little envelopes are gorgeous too.

  7. A new year - a new kit strategy. I think this month's inspiration gave us all pause about the size of our kits. Love the vintage bits as you know I would, but especially the BG (& the newer gold elements as well.) Here's to a new start in 2016! xo

  8. What gorgeous papers! I love the vintage embellishments you chose as well. Fun!

  9. proud of you. {{joyce}}

  10. I like your idea to keep it small, I so hate to unpack my kit at the end of the month because I hardly used any of it! Beautiful inspiration, thank you!

  11. You've created another beautiful kit - obviously keeping it small and simple works well. I am *dying* to find out how you cope with a much reduced selection of embellishments though ;)

    I hope this breathes new life into your creativity (though I've never found it lacking) and that it rekindles your love for all things paper-crafting, as you hope.

    Much love for the New Year xxx

  12. This is a beautiful kit that you've created! I hope you create some equally gorgeous things with it!


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