Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Look what I did!

Just dropping by to let you know that I am beyond thrilled to have been asked to join the Simple Scrapper Creative Team for 2016!

Oh my! What an honour to be on the same team as these über-creative ladies. I can't stop grinning and I'm so happy to be able to share the news at last.

It's a great way to start 2016 :-) 

Watch this space for more regular Scrapabilly and Simple Scrapper shares throughout the month - more regular blogging is high on my goals for the new year.

And last but not least, just to remind you that there's a giveaway over at Whimsical Musings - comment and create for chances to win. Who doesn't love a giveaway to kick off the new year?!?


  1. Oh congrats, Lisa. They are so lucky to have you!

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    LG Silvia

  3. Delighted to hear this and many congratulations!

  4. You'll be a wonderful asset to their team!

  5. Congratulations lovely lady. You deserve that place as much as any of the other team members. You are uber-talented too! x


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