Tuesday, 27 February 2007

And to the end of January!

Here are the last of the January photos of the day.

I want to point out that in January, it was just me and a camera and I tried to see things in a new light, to notice stuff and to note some of the more day-to-day things that were happening to me. Some of the photos are more "artistic", while some just show where I was or what I was working on that day.

When we come to February, it will be different as I have been doing a BPS class throughout the month and it included a daily photo which was supposed to record our life NOW - so some routine things that we find around us. And March will of course, need to be different again... Ideas in the making.

Sunday 28th January

After the excitement of waiting for my AYTR package, it finally arrived on Friday but I only really got time on Sunday to explore the contents. I was very pleased with the calendar and this just shows the state of my desk on this evening!

Monday 29th January

A cold day. Enjoying a warm coffee in Starbucks as is my new Monday morning routine. I noticed the lovely pink of the scarf and decided that it would be nice to capture the folds, twists and weave.

Tuesday 30th January

Dortmund Westfallenparc underground station, on my way back to the main station. I just liked the lines and the colours. Got a few funny looks though while taking it!

Wednesday 31st January

Always a hectic day for me and I was trying to get some inspiration from things around me while I waited for my students to arrive. Working all day inside a factory complex does not make it easy for finding pictures (I am not sure they really want me wandering around the factory taking photos of the new vehicle design etc!). So I was bored and playing around - rather like the result although the quality of the picture is not really good enough as it was really close - and for the record, it is REALLY difficult to focus on something (a lens) that is just a few centimetres away from your eye!

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