Friday, 23 March 2007

How about February photos then?

... seeing as though we are nearly at the end of March!

In February I was doing the Big Picture Scrapbooking class "28 Days" which was great fun with a different project every day - cards, layouts, journal, tags or home deco things - and also a daily photo prompt. They are not terribly exciting but are supposed to represent our life - February 2007 - so that when we look back in years to come, we have a full snapshot of how it was! Quite a fun idea I thought, so here we go:

Thursday 1st February

Our pantry/where we store our food - Actually, this was a bit weird because it made me realise that I do not really have much food in the house at any particular time!

Friday 2nd February

Our mailbox - I hate our mailbox which is stuck on the outside of the house and is always dirty and the postman always stuffs our post in there so that it is all creased or sticking out of the top and gets wet!

Saturday 3rd February

Fridge - Got lucky this time and the photo makes it look like we have food in the place and eat quite well!

Sunday 4th February

Something I use every day - Need I say more!

Monday 5th February

Somewhere I go every week - Again, nothing too unexpected for those who know me!

Tuesday 6th February

Something that makes me happy - Trees. A common and well-loved theme that often appears and will continue to do so. The day was murky and the sky was grey and overcast, but looking up at the tree made me happy!

Wednesday 7th February

Dinner - So boring, but true on this evening! Pasta leftovers - alone, in front of the TV. How sad!

Thursday 8th February

My favourite drink - Not such a difficult one as anyone who knows me will testify to. Having a major export business (!!!) for boxes of tea from the UK to here in the German Hausmann household made this an obvious choice.

Friday 9th February

Family shoes - Not much to say here. We are both not really shoe people for every day shoes. Both a bit boring and uninspired. Of course, I have dozens of other pairs of shoes that I rarely wear, but I thought that these do not represent the reality of now.

Saturday 10th February

Somewhere I would like to go but have not been yet - Hemmingway's in Recklinghausen looks such a lovely cocktail bar that I would really love to go there. But we are so anti-social that stepping outside the door in the evening and mixing with others always seems so unappealing!!!! And of course, Ralph does not want the competition! Two photos because I love it in the day and at night!

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