Tuesday, 22 July 2008

12 on 12 - July

Another month - already? Hard to believe, but true. July came up so fast and as I write this, it is hurtling towards August.

The 12th was quite uneventful apart from almost forgetting to take pictures at the beginning of the day. How does that happen?

And this is really not deliberate, but once again, there seems to be a theme running through the day - it's clear that each month through the year will have its own feel but I had never expected to have themes each month. April was socialising, May was hectic errand running, June was all about travelling by public transport. July, I am embarrassed to have to admit - was ALL about food and drink. I don't think we stopped eating and drinking all day! I only had a couple of photos which featured neither food nor drink. But that is what is interesting in this project! I have to admit that over this weekend, I really think that I gained two kilos! But it was all enjoyable at the time! We went out for breakfast, needed refreshments at Ikea, stopped off at Starbucks, decided we NEEDED a fast food snack, had dinner at Helga's and finished off stuffing our face with sweets! Shocking but true and I am glad to have captured it!

This month's design was inspired by the Kelli Crowe project this week in my BPS Have More Fun class (will post other "stuff" from this class another time) using the square punch and only scraps from the scrap box. But I am pleased with how it turned out and may come back to this style again in the future. At some point, I want to settle on a style for each month to make it more uniform and easy to produce but I think that maybe the first year will all be different!

Sorry the photo is not brilliant - so difficult to get good non-reflecting light.

On the subject of "scraps", do you only have one or two colours in your scrap box? Or is it just me? Is this a sign that I only ever scrap pinks, greens or browns? Am I boring? What's in your box?

Roll on August 12....


  1. LOVE the pink Lisa! Great job. How fun that you're taking a class at BIG PICTURE SCRAPBOOKING...wink wink!

    good inspiration - since I haven't done my page yet this month. I just need to be home long enough to pull out my supplies...or in this case...my scraps!

    thanks for playing AND for sharing!


  2. Anonymous10:41 pm

    fab stuff as always!

    oh and i only have pink of course!!

  3. Anonymous10:42 pm

    fab stuff as ever!!!

    oh and i only have pink of course!!!


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